(SH3) Shenmue III – Story Quest (DLC) : Yu Suzuki (Easter Egg Spotted!)

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A new Shenmue III Easter Egg has been spotted and it features the iconic Shenmue creator himself, Yu Suzuki.

Although lets be honest here Shenmue III is riddled with various different Easter Eggs, however this one was spotted whilst playing through the latest Shenmue III dlc, Story Quest.

For those eager to find it themselves then it isn’t actually difficult to spot and find as you are more or less lead to it via the dlc story. This same exact building also has many other Easter Eggs in it too such as the Sega Saturn, Lan Di statues and figures, it is quite the Easter Egg treasure trove.

Anyway to actually find it you will need to be rather close to the ending of the dlc itself (well in reality you can actually access this building whenever as long as you know where to go), and in doing so you should be able to access the Spider’s hideout, it is inside here that you will find this.
For those wondering, though most of it is illegible what we can read from the Yu Suzuki posters is The Truth and Nothing But From SEGA’s Chairman Of The Board, sounds like the articles may of been an interesting read eh? ha!

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