Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – A Mother’s Love (Final Chapter – Ending) (100% Chapter Walkthrough) Guide

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This page will be focusing on providing a detailed walkthrough for the Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. In this part we explore A Mother’s Love (Final Chapter – Ending)

I will be trying to cover as much of the chapter as possible, from collecting the various different files, to unlocking any hidden and missable trophy achievements.

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PREVIOUS CASE: Sacrificial Lamb Part 2 Of 2

  • NOTE: This is the final chapter of the game, meaning if there are any side cases you wish to complete then do so. The game does not feature a free run mode once it has been completed.
  • When you are ready return to the Stonewood Manor, remain on the ground floor and head to the study room. There will be a door here we have yet to open.
  • But before we open it, there will be some more clues that we can inspect around here first.
  • Just by the stairs to the second floor there will be a newspaper that reads News of Violet’s Death – 10 April 1869
  • On the stair rails there will be some markings we can inspect

JON’S CHALLENGE: The Master of Unlocking (Optional) –

  • Pin the Master of Unlocking from the Casebook menu and head to the cabinet of curiosities
  • Head to the desk on the western side of the room and activate concentration mode, we will get a scene involving Mycroft.
  • Follow the trail and it will take us upstairs, to a painting we can inspect.
  • We will then be taken to the fire place, which we can inspect. Apparently Mycroft settled here
  • However, if we inspect the fire place once again we should be able to find more clues; juniper and a Tiny Key
  • Bead back to the cabinet of curiosities and more specifically the locked drawer.
  • The drawer will now be unlocked and inside it will be a bottle of whisky (which we can rotate), research notes about Otto Richter (which can also be rotated), and finally dossiers

  • Now make sure you picked up the Report No. 07-43 from the Police Station in order to trigger the scene regarding this locked door and a garden.
  • When you try to open the door John will be very insistent that opening this door may provide a great deal of heartache, we will also get the basic path of no return warning (again make sure you have finished everything before coming here)
  • Head to the right of the garden to find the statue of Merope
  • If you inspect the nearby pond Sherlock will comment about a raft in which they both once built together. There will also be a small vision of Violet playing the piano.
  • Where Violet was once playing there will now be a damaged tea set that we can inspect. Inspecting the tea set will transport us to a dream world of the past where we will now be controlling young Sherlock
  • In this dream world head into the room opposite (Violet’s room) and inspect the Potassium Bromide next to John. We will now get an update on the Mind Palace, so head into that menu and connect the necessary words together.
  • We will then be able to spot Violet at the gazebo singing, she will then leave a book behind this time. Inspecting this book will reveal a picture of an artefact (right page) and Work Journal (left page)
  • Again we will be playing as young Sherlock, this time exploring the cabinet of curiosities
  • Inspect the desk next to you to find the artefact from the book
  • Head to the other desk (to where both Richter and Mycroft are arguing) for another scene
  • We can then find Violet by the doorway sitting in a wheelchair.
  • Back as young Sherlock once again, we will now be pushing Violet around the garden. It is a rather linear path and we cannot go off track.
  • Once you reach the end, all there is left to do is choose an ending. There will be a total of 2 endings altogether, with the proper ending relating to Otto Richter




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