Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – Sacrificial Lamb Part 2 Of 2 (100% Chapter Walkthrough) Guide

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This page will be focusing on providing a detailed walkthrough for the Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. In this part we explore Sacrificial Lamb Part 2 Of 2

I will be trying to cover as much of the chapter as possible, from collecting the various different files, to unlocking any hidden and missable trophy achievements.

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  • Head into the Mind Palace and connect both Circumstances of Fabio’s death and Fabio died on the altar, this will give us Fabio was killed in a ritual murder
  • Then connect The altar room was locked and unlocked and Fabio’s key remains untouched, which will give us The murderer had a key to the altar room
  • Lastly connect Circumstances of Fabio’s death and Fabio was assaulted in a nearby room, for this one we will get The ritual was a cover
  • After doing all of that go ahead and speak to Mr. Vogel and we can also hand over some evidence such as the Murderer’s Key and we will get a brief location of our potential suspect.
  • Head to the gathering room and speak to the hooded many by the drinks fountain (Manchios), a scene will then trigger.
  • We will now find ourselves at the Cordona Police Station. Inspect the table for Report No. 62-60, Keys to Interrogation Rooms, Evidence Ticket, and Witness Deposition
  • When you are ready, leave the room and find Mr. Vogel who will be in the cell on the far right.
  • Then head to cell 5 in order to find Manchios, observe him. Face (Red spots), hands (Soap under fingernails), and shoes (quality polished leather). We can now determine if this man is a Stickler for cleanliness or Hides his age (I personally went for the former option)
  • Now provide Mr. Manchios with the Witness Deposition and Gifted Cufflinks evidence
  • Now head to cell 6 and observe Matista; inspect her tattoo (cult tattoo), hands (bitten nails), arms (healing cuts), legs (shackle scars), left arm (burns), and neck (bruises). We can now determine if Matista punishes herself for the past or dissociated from her body (I personally went with the former option, punishes herself for the past)
  • Access the Mind Palace menu and connect The murderer cleaned theirself and Kurt Manchios is scrupulously clean, this will give us Manchios washed himself after the murder
  • Now connect Santos Pinchetti informed the police and Pinchetti is a majordomo to get Pinchetti is a suspect
  • Matista has fresh bruises and Matista’s activity at the party, which will give us Matista was bruised by the guests
  • Leave the cell area now but remain in the Police Station, there should be an Evidence room we can go to. Here provide the officer with the Evidence Ticket
  • We will now be given several boxes of evidence that we can search through, we should be able to find; Mansion keys, handkerchief, ruby, handcrafted charm, altar room key, The Power of Love Blood and Mandrake book, Letter from Fabio, emergency kit, and Verner’s Sketchbook
  • We now want to head into the Archive Room and speak with the officer here, provide him with the Santos is a suspect evidence
  • Return to the cells and head to cell 7 to find Mr. Pinchetti, observe him; shirt (patched holes), shoes (splatter), shirt collar (dyed textile), neck (inflamed skin). We will now get to determine if Mr. Pinchetti has financial difficulties or is a terrible miser (I went with financial difficulties)
  • Inspect the table next to Mr. Pinchetti to find altar room key and Kurt Manchios’s Will and Note
  • Return to Matista in cell 6 and provide her with The Power of Love: Blood and Mandrake and Letter from Fabio evidence and we will get a new dialogue option relating to occultism
  • Return to Mr. Vogel and provide him with the Letter from Fabio and Witness Deposition evidence
  • Then once again return to Mr. Manchios in cell 5 and provide him with The Power of Love: Blood and Mandrake evidence, Kurt Manchios’s Will and Note, and Letter from Fabio
  • Finally return to Mr. Pinchetti (cell 7) and hand over the Kurt Manchios’s Will and Note evidence
  • We can now determine our ending for the case, of which there will be three endings in total either Accuse Mr. Pinchetti, Accuse Matista, or Accuse Manchios
  • After making your decision on who to accuse speak to the suspect and then report back to the officer in the Archive room to complete the case.
  • (Note: When you try to complete the Mind Palace section you may need to return to the suspects and provide them with more evidence. However, the evidence remains the same, you may just need to show the same thing more than once. For example Matista will need to see the Letter from Fabio a few times)
  • (Note: You can also unlock the Vengeance of the Lamb trophy achievement here. However, it is rather complex so I have decided to do a separate guide on that here)




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