Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – Sacrificial Lamb Part 1 Of 2 (100% Chapter Walkthrough) Guide

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This page will be focusing on providing a detailed walkthrough for the Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. In this part we explore Sacrificial Lamb Part 1 Of 2

I will be trying to cover as much of the chapter as possible, from collecting the various different files, to unlocking any hidden and missable trophy achievements.

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  • After successfully having completed The Muse From Abroad, we can then return to the Stonewood Manor in order to inspect the large parcel Mr. Vogel left behind. Inside the parcel will be a rather strange skeleton
  • Once the scene ends head inside the manor and our next and final room will be the one on the right, so let us inspect it.
  • Pin the Fractured Memory evidence from the Casebook menu and we should be able to spot both younger Sherlock and John, you may need to enter concentration mode first.
  • Inspect the object that the young duo are looking at to find the skeleton Mr. Vogel gave us.
  • After learning about the skeleton we will now gain access to the once locked room (cabinet of curiosities), we will also get the Curiouser and Curiouser trophy achievement
  • In the cabinet of curiosities room we can inspect the following; bear plaque, cosy blanket, skeleton, Bingley photograph (rotate it for the dialogue)
  • There is also a desk in here that will contain the following clues; Letter from the Judge, calling cards, Luciano J Placido card (rotate it for the dialogue), envelope (which can also be rotated – Court Summons), and drawers. Also Master of Unlocking is that a Resident Evil reference? This game sure has a lot of easter eggs, so far I have seen a Luigi’s Mansion, The Sinking City, and now Resident Evil references.
  • Anyway moving swiftly on, this room will also feature other clues too that we have yet to check; snake head, mummy sarcophagus, Skeleton helmet, Sir Robert armour, deer plaque, holy grail, and Watkinson and Holman book
  • The final set of clues we can inspect can be found on the other remaining desk, this will include; a torn Diploma, The Tulpa book (it can be rotated), Otto Richter’s Personal Notes, and Letter from Otto’s brother
  • Pin the Accident in the Cabinet of Curiosities from the Casebook menu and inspect the bookshelf to find a set of ladders, and the circle stand next to the bookshelf to find our skeleton friend from earlier, and finally the desk we just inspected to find Otto’s Books
  • The white orb will now appear for us to arrange the room events. The order you want is as follows; young Sherlock and John inspecting something on the desk, young Sherlock and John sneaking up on both Mycroft and Dr. Richter, and Mycroft and Dr. Richter arguing. We will get the The Curious Conversation for our troubles
  • There will now be a noise in the hall, lets do as John suggest and check it out.
  • Seems like someone has left us a parcel, inspecting it will reveal an invitation from Vogel


  • Our next case, Sacrificial Lamb will now begin!
  • Leave the building and head to Grand Saray, our next destination is Manchios Mansion over on Vernet St.
  • If you try to enter the building we will get told that it is a costume party, meaning we need to disguise ourselves using the Face Mask and Prince of Darkness outfit that Vogel gave us back at the manor, so this is what its for.
  • We should now be able to enter the building.
  • Now before we go and enjoy our selves, or at least try to. There will be several points of interest, such as behind curtain number one to the left of the entrance. Here we will see a group of people that we can eavesdrop on, do so. The words you want to keep are; Cheating groom, Fired after incident, offended duchess, and political crisis. We will now receive Yellow Press
  • Just opposite there will be another group of people that we can eavesdrop, the words this time are Mysterious disappearance, Magic Circle, and Occultist architect.
  • Getting both Yellow Press scoops will complete Jon’s Yellow Press challenge. I just realised that I have been naming Jon as John throughout my various guides, oh well.. I always thought it was spelt John anyway ha! Anyway if this is your first time playing then you will have unlocked the Rumour Has it trophy achievement
  • Head through the second curtain on the left to find and speak to Mr. Vogel, who will then give us a key to the altar room.
  • Head through the double white doors to find the crime scene.
  • In here we can inspect the body for; tattoo, face, sigil, dagger (rotate it for the dialogue), hand (clenching fabric), and chest wound
  • Away from the body we can also find dagger box, herbs, ointments, oil, wall graffiti
  • In the side room we can find blood, cigars, wine bottle (which can be rotated), and whip. Now return to the last room to find Mr. Vogel, speak to him.


  • Pin the Smoking Lounge evidence and we should be able to find more clues within the side room such as; a handprint on the side of the doorway, a handprint on the armchair, and drops of blood on carpet.
  • Return to the room with Mr. Vogel and head behind the wall of graffiti to find a door we can go through, do so and we will now be in the Dressing Room. (Note: We can also access the dressing room from the side room too)
  • In here we can find cufflinks, a key (rotate it to find the letter F), masks, ritual book (Ritual Scenario), Manchios’ Note, lipstick, pitcher or a jug, sink, clothes rack, table full of props
  • Lastly, we can also inspect the nearby wardrobe here too
  • Return to the room with Mr. Vogel to find the white orb and more importantly to rearrange the events.
  • The events you are looking for are; bottle used in a scuffle in the smoking lounge, murderer locked the door, body was moved to the altar room, murderer used the dagger, wardrobe used to hide the robe, and murderer washed themselves.

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