Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – The Muse From Abroad Part 1 Of 3 (100% Chapter Walkthrough) Guide

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This page will be focusing on providing a detailed walkthrough for the Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. In this part we explore The Muse From Abroad Part 1 Of 3

I will be trying to cover as much of the chapter as possible, from collecting the various different files, to unlocking any hidden and missable trophy achievements.

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  • Before we can begin the actual case we need to unlock Violet’s room and do some memory unlocking. We can begin this by equipping the Items Belonging To My Family evidence from the Casebook
  • Then head to the bench outside of the Gilden’s Manor, here we can find stuff belonging to Sherlock’s family. Scan the box to find; Letter from Violet to Theodore Gilden and an amulet (rotate it for the dialogue)
  • After the scene head to the Stonewood Manor and go upstairs, there will be a locked door here. The locked door leads to Violet’s room.
  • Equip the Fragmented Memory evidence from the Casebook and we should be able to continue our investigation. Enter concentration mode to find a vision of young Sherlock carrying a vase.
  • Follow the trail down the stairs until you hear screaming, here return back to Violet’s room to continue.
  • After discovering that Dr. Richter was here, the door to Violet’s room will now be unlocked.
  • In here we can inspect the table for clues, our key points of interest here include; note (An Old Sheet Of Paper) and Newspaper (Siger Holmes’ Obituary In ‘The Times’)
  • Books on the floor, our interest here includes; 1868 Picture (rotate it for the dialogue), 1869 Picture (rotate it for the dialogue), and a Scribbled drawing
  • We can also inspect the small table by the window for another set of clues; Potassium Bromide bottle (rotate it for the dialogue), open the drawer and we can find the February 1869 – From Violet to Siger
  • Other interesting clues that we can find in here is the table by the door (magnifying glass) though this will only appear if you managed to complete the Hand Me Down side case.
  • We can also inspect the Medical Cabinet, bed, bathtub, paintings, flowers, and the chess set by John.
  • NOTE: In order to win John’s chess game challenge, pin the A Match Started Long Ago evidence from the Casebook and activate concentration mode.
  • Turn your attention to the chess board and then select the ‘Defend the king with the bishop‘ option
  • There is also a briefcase on the chair too which contains; a bottle (rotate it for the dialogue), tools, and folder (Observation Journal)
  • Now that we have the bottle we just found, simply head to the Casebook menu and find the Almost Empty Bottle. Once you have successfully found it we can begin the chemical analysis.
  • This is a really long maths puzzle and I’m no scientist so I’ll just let the picture above do the work! Our results will lead to a substance known as hallucinogen
  • Pin the Morning Mania evidence from the Casebook menu and we can begin trying to piece together the various different events using concentration mode.
  • After doing that we can then inspect the white orb and arrange the morning scenes. The correct order is as follows; Mycroft trying to calm Violet, Dr. Richter showing Violet a note, and young Sherlock crying on the floor. We will now get the Morning of April 9th
  • It doesn’t matter what option you choose at this point, you will need to continue your Cordona adventure before we can unlock new memories.
  • There will now be a knock on the door, lets head downstairs and investigate!
  • Observe this sailor by inspecting his hair (pink paint), clothes (Sailor uniform), hands (unblemished hands), and left hand (holding something). We can then try to work out what his actual profession really is, either an artist disguised as a sailor or a sailor artist. I personally went for an artist disguised as a sailor option, given that he hasn’t really seen hard physical work
  • We will now receive an invitation to Vogel’s Art Gallery, so lets head there. You can find it on Bazaar Rd south of the Old City
  • When you enter the art gallery we will meet up with Mr. Vogel
  • After the conversation make sure to pin the The Vandalism of ”the Undergallery” evidence from the Casebook menu, then proceed down into the nearby basement (which has been named A.C. Swinburne Room)
  • Seems that our Mr. Vogel regards himself as a bit of a taxidermist. Anyway begin by interacting with the shark display. In the bedroom we can inspect the red sheet (seems to have an unfinished artwork) and to the left of the red sheet is an area we can inspect for more clues.
  • The clues we are looking for is the 29 and 24 inch arrows (which will require concentration mode in order to see it) and the shovel
  • Staying in the bedroom, there is a safe to the left that we can open and inside it will be fresh scratch marks on the door and size 9.5 footprints
  • Exit the bedroom and we can find an open coffin, inspect the skeleton (using concentration mode) to learn that it has been moved, raven, and handprint
  • In this area there will also be a painting (wet and mouldy apparently)
  • In the burnt looking room we can also find plenty of clues here too, such as; an empty photo frame and a cigarette butt (rotate it for the dialogue)
  • The white orb will now appear. However, before we proceed with that there is a few more areas we can inspect, such as the wall of this area (concentration mode). There there will be several chains, some of which appear to be fragile.
  • In the area we have yet to explore we can find a green set of mushrooms and a rather strange painting of Saturn and his son
  • With that all taken care of, we can proceed with the white orb and arrange the events of the room, the solution to which is; Mr. Vogel carrying a lamp by the stairs, the intruder hiding inside the coffin, intruder crawling out of the safe, the intruder burning the paintings, and the intruder taking the paintings from the wall.
  • Now return to Mr. Vogel and give him your report of the case thus far, then when you are ready make ways to the Cordona Chronicle
  • We need to use the archive here and connect the following searches; Districts – Old City, People – Celebrities, and Period – Recent. We will now receive The Brawl At Artists ‘Sell-Out’
  • We now need to play dress up, this will require the Bohemian outfit, Messy hair, Artist’s Bristles, and Tan Powder. This will come to 35 coins altogether
  • After acquiring the correct clothes (any clothing store will sell it all), we then need to travel to Boniface Mercurio Residence. Which is located in Old City on Hermes Ave.
  • Once you are arrive, make sure to pin The Brawl at Artists ‘Sell-Out‘ evidence
  • Head inside and speak with Mercurio’s mother and we will get the Key to Mercurio’s Flat
  • Now that we have the key lets head inside Mercurio’s Flat, which is upstairs at number 2.
  • Once inside scan Mercurio in order to gather clues on; soft torso muscles, face wound, bruised knuckles, blooded rags, and a knife (rotate it for the dialogue)
  • In the rather small kitchen we can find the photographs hanging up, inspect them and Sherlock will suggest that it is the stolen demon photo.
  • Inspect the desk in order to find a knife is missing, blue cloth fibres, camera, damaged wine bottle, and newspaper (in the open drawer)
  • Other things we can inspect within the room include a picture on the floor (next to the dried blood), bed, chest, and whisky bottles
  • The white orb will then appear, the events you want are; thief searching the chest, Mercurio attacking the thief, thief using a knife, thief using the rags
  • After sorting out the different event scenes, go ahead and pin the Mercurio Death Events Chain evidence
  • Then pick up the picture from the ground and we can then begin a chemical analysis procedure using Mercurio’s Painting, our results will be a still life painting of Mercurio’s Room.
  • Now pin the newly acquired Painting from Mercurio’s Room and place it on the painting stand

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