Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – Bazookaeology Trilogy (Everyone’s a Critic) Locations Guide

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One of the trophies and achievements within Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is Everyone’s a Critic, which can be unlocked through the A Gilded Cage case

It requires you to find a collection of different books, which can be find throughout the case. There is a total of 3 books to find altogether

Below is a simple guide on how to find each one…


  • BOOK: False Idols
  • LOCATION: Gilden Manor
  • GUIDE:
  • This first book can be found in Ms. Gilden’s room (Imogen Gilden). It can be found on the floor near the luggage case.


  • BOOK: Sails of Hatred
  • LOCATION: Boat Workshop
  • GUIDE:
  • This one can be found after visiting the Salacia Yacht Club, we will then be allowed inside the Boat Workshop.
  • Once inside head to the Storage room and the book can be found here, it can be found on the shelf in the corner of the room.


  • BOOK: Sharpest Pickaxe
  • LOCATION: Archaeological Digging Site
  • GUIDE:
  • This third and final book can be found once you have successfully gained access to the Archaeological Digging Site
  • Continue to follow the path, heading past Professor Swift. You should then come across a set of baskets on the left.
  • The book can be found here on top of the baskets.


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