Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – A Gilded Cage Part 1 Of 2 (100% Chapter Walkthrough) Guide

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This page will be focusing on providing a detailed walkthrough for the Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. In this part we explore A Gilded Cage Part 1 of 2

I will be trying to cover as much of the chapter as possible, from collecting the various different files, to unlocking any hidden and missable trophy achievements.

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  • Head to Silent Way, west of Stonewood Manor in order to find a gathering of people near a building. Just behind this building will be a hot air balloon.
  • Head down the alley here to find yourself in Gilden’s Yard.
  • There will be several points of interests that we can inspect here such as smashed pots
  • Continue on towards the gate for a small scene and our chance to gain more clues. Here our points of interest include; the leg, dressing gown belt, head, and hand. After you are done inspecting, Sherlock will conclude that the poor man is Theodore Gilden
  • We can now inspect the collection of toys by the steps
  • Now head into the Casebook menu and activate the Chaos Unfolded evidence
  • To the right, by the Goliath area we can activate concentration mode and search for more clues. This time in the way of elephant tracks, bullhook, chain, and blood
  • John will then want Sherlock to take a photo of the elephant foot print. You can do this by pressing the LT button and taking a photo with the RT (controller)
  • Now equip the Elephant’s Life evidence and head towards the gate we just came in through. To the left here there will be damage to the fence wall, or in this case a shed, inspect it for clues.
  • What you want to inspect here are the valves, sailor’s knife (be sure to rotate it for the dialogue), and wooden panel
  • The white orb will now return and once again we will need to determine what order the events occurred.
  • By the gate leading to the shed we want a scene of the elephant escaping
  • Inside the Goliath lair we want the elephant carrying Mr. Gilden
  • The final scene needs to show the elephant trampling Mr. Gilden
  • We now need to find this elephant, in order to do so let us equip the Animal Suspect evidence first.
  • Before we leave though there is a few things we can interact with still, such as the air balloon rope, Watermelons, and the chained gate
  • Now exit the yard and speak with the people in white and we will get an update regarding the elephant being named Goliath (which we sort of already knew) and that it crossed the Greek Bridge.
  • Now head north and cross the Greek Bridge, towards Silent Way in order to find the trail once again
  • Enter concentration mode and interact with the elephant’s footprint by the damaged cart. Now that we have successfully picked up the trail, stay in concentration mode and continue to follow the path. Using the vision of the elephant as a guide
  • As we continue to follow Goliath, there will be a sign that we can interact with.
  • Just a little north of the sign, our next interactable will come in the way of a trampled tree branch
  • Keep following the trail and it will take us to the western lake
  • Here enter concentration mode once again and there will be more elephant footprints by the water’s edge.
  • It seems the elephant went deeper, hmm. We will now need to head through the water, don’t linger though as water causes damage.
  • There should be a bit of land to the left that we can head to, do so and we can find a night gown to interact with. The clues we want are; right pocket (Key from dressing gown) and left pocket (Ink-Stained Letter).
  • Now return to Mr. Gilden’s house and you will notice that the police have turned up. Now that we have the key, we can now gain access to the building.
  • Here speak with Imogen Gilden, who will be upstairs. Apparently Theodore Gilden was her father. If you inspected the balloon rope earlier there will be some added dialogue, though at present it won’t lead to much.
  • With that over with let us investigate the room.
  • By the luggage case we can find False Idols book (rotate it for the dialogue), green dress, and a photo (inside the drawer). Rotate the photo for the dialogue. (NOTE: The False Idols book is part of a collection of 3, and once you have them all, will unlock the Everyone’s a Critic trophy achievement)
  • Before we leave the room, there will be a set of cushions by the table that we can inspect
  • Then once you are ready, head to the room next to Iomgen, this will be the office room.
  • Here enter concentration mode and inspect the chair by the window
  • Next inspect the bookcase for Elephant’s Man, Cordona Chronicle, 1875
  • Our next set of clues can be found on the small desk; Map of Ivory Baths, Pen set (next to the map), and the Ivory Baths title. Sherlock will want to take a photo of the Ivory Baths map, so go ahead and do so.
  • The next bookcase will carry a photo, rotate and inspect it. Apparently it is a photo of Sherlock’s mother. There are also scrolls that can be found on this bookcase too
  • We have already inspected the smaller desk so let us now inspect the bigger, main desk.
  • Here we can find; a false finger, perfume (rotate it in order to see the elephant picture), photo of Ms. Gilden (rotate it for the dialogue), and a photo of Mr. Gilden and an elephant (rotate it for the dialogue)
  • Our next task is to speak with Ms. Gilden once again and provide her with the Traces Near The Shed evidence and Photo of Imogen evidence
  • After speaking with her we will unlock a new location (Salacia Yacht Club)
  • Head to the Salacia Yacht Club, which is south of Grand Saray and equip the Photo of Imogen evidence from the Casebook menu
  • We will need to speak to the man in white who is standing by the wall. We will then get an update about Paul missing the race.
  • From the Salacia Yacht Club, head down the stairs (south), and the door here will lead to the workshop
  • At the Boat Workshop, turn your attention towards the water and the row of boats here. The boat we want to inspect can be found on the far right. Activate concentration mode and search for the words Whirlpool
  • In this workshop will be the Whirlpool room, before we go inside though, go ahead and inspect the window for bloodied bandages. Unfortunately the Whirlpool room is currently locked.
  • In order to find the key we will need to pin the Yacht Club Workshop evidence from the Casebook menu. We can then find the key on the Champion’s plaque over on the wall. This plaque will have a list of champions, one of which is the Whirlpool.
  • Inspect the Whirlpool plaque (using concentration mode) and rotate it in order to find the key.
  • Once inside the Whirlpool room, we can inspect the bloodied bandages again if you haven’t already.
  • Also in this room we can find a table with a boat diagram, inspect it for clues; boat diagram, envelope (Threats in Envelope), notes (Rotate it for the dialogue – Salacia Bookmakers), and betting slips
  • The shelving opposite will also have some clues for us; toolset, box of darts (rotate for the dialogue), and various books
  • With all of the clues in here found, we now need to head to the Storage Room. You can find the Storage Room to the left of the Champion plaque
  • Before we go inside make sure to pin the Suspicious Note evidence from the Casebook menu
  • Now head inside the room and inspect the shelf of tins (tea bags) in order to find one, in which we can interact with. Rotate the box in order to trigger the dialogue.
  • We can also find our second Bazookaeology book (False Idols) in here too, alongside a Foghorn
  • As we try to leave the Storage Room Paul Perks will notice us and we will need to perform an observation on him.
  • Observation: Adam’s apple (female), left fist (bandaged arm), left pocket (wide hips and thighs), and right elbow (swollen elbow)
  • Choose whichever option you want. However, personally I went with Professional Yachtswoman
  • Fight and defeat the goons.

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