Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – Tale Of The Empty House (Refurbish The Entire Manor) Guide

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This particular quest is available during your trip to the Stonewood Manor and taking the note from the pillar.

Though, at first you may think it is as part of the main story. However, it is not, in fact this is completely optional and part of an optional side case

When you accomplish and complete this case you will be rewarded with the Refurbish the entire manor trophy achievement

In order to complete this case you will need to purchase a total of 22 pieces of furniture, which becomes available as you continue the story. So you will need to keep checking back as not everything will be unlocked at the start.

This will all around come to a total of 640 coins, you can make money by completing optional side case

  • NOTE: It does not matter which store you go to or the order in which you do so. However, what is important is purchasing their goods.
  • At the Garden Decorations Trader you can purchase the Swing Chair (15 coin), Wooden Bench (10 coin), and the David and Goliath statue (20 coin)
  • Then return to the Stonewood Manor and everything that you have just bought will automatically be added to the house.
  • Feel free to inspect everything in order to bring back Sherlock’s memories
  • Now head to the Casebook menu and pin The Yard Redux evidence, then head towards the gazebo for a small scene involving both John and Sherlock.
  • Keep inspecting the scene until you manage to trigger Isolda. We will then receive the When Pigs Fly
  • Art Trader
  • At the Art Trader we can find The Holmes Family (15 coin), Map of London (30 coin), Violet’s portrait (25 coin), sketch of a boy (20 coin), and Cordona Landscape (30 coin)
  • Luxury Furniture Trader
  • Here we can purchase Sturdy Bed (35 coin), Globe (25 coin), Encyclopaedia (50 coin), Dinosaur Skeleton (55 coin), and Dressing Table (30 coin)


PURCHASE: Available at this store is the Reading Torchiere (30 coin), Music Box (45 coin), Taxidermy Creature (35 coin), and Preserved Offcuts (40 coin)


PURCHASE: Here we can find Anatolian Rug (20 coin), Dressing Screen (25 coin), Venetian Chandelier (25 coin), Pirate’s Pistol (25 coin), and Mayan Ritual Dagger (40 coin)


Within this segment there will be various memories that you can activate, one of which is mentioned above (When Pigs Fly). However, there are also others that can be found and unlocked too.

A SECOND BED: There will be a memory you can activate inside the bedroom, you will need to pin The Bedroom Redux in order to trigger it. We will be rewarded with the A Second Bed.

RIDING DOWN THE HANDRAILS: Another memory that you can activate can be found in the main hall and more specifically on the stairs. Simply pin The Main Hall Redux to see it. We will be rewarded with Riding Down the Handrails

A MOMENT OF REFLECTION: Our next memory can be found upstairs and in the room by the study (Sherlock’s mother’s room). Simply pin the My Mother’s Room Redux from the Casebook menu to see it. For this one we will Get a Moment of Reflection

TOME TRAVEL: Our fifth and final memory can be found back downstairs and in the library room. Pin The Cabinet of Curiosities Redux to see this one. We will be rewarded with Tome Travel


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