Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – Stonewood Manor (100% Chapter Walkthrough) Guide

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This page will be focusing on providing a detailed walkthrough for the Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. In this part we try to locate Stonewood Manor

I will be trying to cover as much of the chapter as possible, from collecting the various different files, to unlocking any hidden and missable trophy achievements.

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  • (NOTE: Make sure to pin the Shattered Memory evidence)
  • In order to find Stonewood Manor, we will need to head south west of the map. To a building near Silent Way, in the region of Grand Saray. Fast Travel to the cemetery to make the journey quicker if need be
  • When you arrive at the gate you should notice John, apparently there is mail. Inspect the mail and we will find a letter addressed to Sherlock
  • Head through the gate in order to trigger a scene. As a Whovian (Doctor Who fan for those wondering, I enjoy the little reference that John makes regarding the building)
  • Head left towards the out building and we can then solve a few clues, there will be a total of four clues to find.
  • These clues is as follows; Handcuffs, Wooden Sword, Training Dummy, Bag on the right
  • With that now over with, we can now try and access the building itself. A fire?
  • Anyway after the scene go ahead and pin the Remembering my Past evidence, and then enter concentration mode
  • There will be a figure standing behind you, examine him to realise that he is a detective.
  • John will then mention that the detective had brought something with him, scan his hand to find a trophy
  • Scan the trophy more closely to find a set of lockpicks
  • There will then be something else that we can interact with nearby, interacting with it will reveal that it was Mycroft.
  • Interact with the Mycroft figure once again to find out that Sherlock and John had handed over a letter. We will then find ourselves inside the house.
  • Now that we are inside, you can find a note stuck to the pillar on the right (Auction Notification). Picking this up will trigger The Tale of the Empty House case

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