Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – A Gilded Cage Part 2 Of 2 (100% Chapter Walkthrough) Guide

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This page will be focusing on providing a detailed walkthrough for the Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. In this part we explore A Gilded Cage Part 2 of 2

I will be trying to cover as much of the chapter as possible, from collecting the various different files, to unlocking any hidden and missable trophy achievements.

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  • After taking out the goons go ahead and speak to Paul Perks, who will be in the Whirlpool Room. We need to provide her with all of our collected evidence so far, this includes; Suspicious Note, Paul’s Box of Darts, Threats in Envelope, Photo of Imogen, Traces Near The Shed, Ivory Baths Construction Plan, Packed Bags, and Animal Suspect
  • Then return to Ms. Gilden over at the Gilden Manor and do the same with her too, as in show her all of our collected evidence thus far. Make sure to add Vial of Perfume to the list
  • Whilst at the Gilden Manor we have a few more things we can inspect (if you haven’t already). This includes a painting downstairs (there will be two in total), doing so should now complete all of the evidence in the area.
  • Then travel to the City Hall archive room, its time to do some research! Before we begin though make sure to equip the Ivory Baths Construction Plan evidence
  • ARCHIVES: Districts – Old City, Registry – Legal Documents, Subjects – Businesses
  • We will now get the Registration of Gilden And Swift LTD
  • Our next destination is Arnaut St in Old City, you can fast travel to Northern Old City to make the journey quicker
  • Here there will be a couple of men talking about a dig site, eavesdrop on them. The words you want to keep are; Old City Marketplace, Pro-British, and Neck Scar. We will now receive the Entrance to the Dig Site
  • We now need the Worker Outfit, yes we cannot proceed without a change of clothes. You can purchase it from the clothes store for 15 coin
  • Equip the Entrance to the Dig Site evidence from the Casebook menu and then travel to Old City Market and speak to the man here. (This will not work without the correct Worker Outfit). We need this man to recruit us and basically give us access to the dig site.
  • Now that we have permission, we can now head to the Archaeological Digging Site
  • Once inside continue to follow the path, we will get told to meet with the professor. The professor can be found down the stairs, writing on a notepad.
  • When you speak to him, you will learn that he is a very simple man who prefers not to answers questions. We will also get to learn his name, Professor Swift.
  • After a bit more dialogue, it will then be time to observe him. We need to scan for the following; Glasses (they seem damaged), notebook (meticulous), elbow (bruised), hand (no wedding ring), and trousers (dirty clothes)
  • We will then get to determine if he is a Money-grubber or a Knowledge seeker. I personally went with Knowledge seeker
  • When you are done speaking with Professor Swift, we can begin searching for clues. Start your clue searching by heading to the box by the campfire
  • There will be three clues here; clipboard (Titus and Vitus Conquest), straw doll, and cardboard box (oilcloth)
  • If you continue down the path of the Digging Site, you should come to a pile of baskets on the left. Here we can find our third and final Bazookaeology book (Sharpest Pickaxe). You should now have all 3 books and unlocked the Everyone’s a Critic trophy achievement
  • From the book head on up the next set of steps to find a fallen statue, we can also inspect the grave in order to receive the Investigating the Ruins
  • When you are ready inspect the fallen statue and our clues for this one are; the face, Sickle, and empty stand (to the right)
  • Return to the baskets and just opposite here there will be a man talking about Swift losing his temper. Eavesdrop on him. The words you want are; Closest to the beach, Tilted Pedestal, Kicked Statue, and Lion Helmet. We will be rewarded with Arthur Swift’s Research
  • Return to where Professor Swift is standing and just behind him there will be a board, lets go and inspect it. Our clues for this one are; the squared diagram (a plan for the operation), picture on the left, and note on the right (Titus Lemonius’s Tomb Has Been Found)
  • We should now have all the required evidence needed to activate the white orb and rearrange events, let us return to the fallen statue once again.
  • Activating the white orb will present us with a little puzzle where we will need to rearrange the various statues
  • Note: The statues must be facing the back of each other
  • The order of the statues are as follows (keep in mind for an idea as to which statue is which, I’ll pretended that Sherlock is facing south)
  • SOUTH STATUE: Woman with flowers
  • EAST STATUE: Man with dagger
  • NORTH STATUE: Woman with Sickle
  • WEST STATUE: Man with shield
  • Pin the Investigating the Ruins evidence from the Casebook menu and activate concentration mode in order to find the trail, follow it.
  • The trail will take us to a burial, interact with it to get a small scene. Swift will be really happy with the discovery and leave his desk unattended, meaning we can now go and investigate it.
  • The clues you want to find are; blue book (Tusks and Trunks), black folder (Leather Notebook), and a box of darts (rotate it for the dialogue)
  • Professor Swift will not be happy to find us looking through his stuff, counter act his claims by showing him evidence such as Arthur’s Box of Darts, Leather Notebook, Tusks and Trunks, Bazookaeology Trilogy, Entrance to the Dig Site, ‘Ivory Baths’ Construction Plan, Threats in Envelope, Animal Suspect, Traces Near The Shed, and Photo of Imogen (You will want to show him all of them)
  • In order to progress we will need to play about with the Mind Palace, simply connect both It was mating season and Everyone blames Goliath. We will then get the I need to find Goliath result
  • We will now want to head to the Casebook menu and find the Vial with Perfume, we need to start a chemical analysis.
  • Chemical Analysis: Place bottle 3 into the box on the left, followed then by bottle 5, and bottle 2.
  • Add the Chemical Operations and link bottle 3 to it.
  • Insert another Chemical Operations and link both bottle 5 and bottle 2 to it
  • Link both of the Chemical Operations together and then finally link it to the analysis results panel on the right.
  • We will now find pheromones from the perfume.
  • We now need to find equipment in order to lure out Goliath, we will need the following;
  • Fabric – We can get the oilcloth that we found earlier at the dig site
  • Foghorn – This can be found back at the Storage room at the Boat Workshop
  • Elephant Doll – We can find this by talking to Mrs. Nini in her shop that we visited during the Master of Disguise case
  • Now that we have everything, return to Gilden’s Yard and interact with the valves in the shed.
  • After the scene, Goliath will return.
  • Now that it has returned, go ahead and inspect Goliath for clues; eyes, scars, dart (rotate it for dialogue), and left tusk
  • We now need to perform a chemical analysis on the dart we just found
  • Chemical Analysis: Add bottle 3 and bottle 4 to the box on the left
  • Then add a Chemical Operations (half) into the mix and link bottle 4 to it
  • Add yet another Chemical Operations (full) and link the remaining bottle to it
  • Link both of the Chemical Operations together and finally link that to the analysis results panel on the right.
  • We will now find that the dart had strychnine in it

  • OPTIONAL: Before we forgot there is still the case of solving John’s Challenge, which relates to the Elephant’s Life article.
  • In order to solve it, head to the Cordona Chronicle on Baskerville St (Scaladio)
  • Then use the archives and search up; Period (1870 – 1879), People (Journalists), and Section (Front Page)
  • We will then get The Lord of all Beasts

  • All that there is left to do is head into the Mind Palace and work out who the killer is. (There is a total of three possibilities altogether)




NOTE: Doing this one and choosing to Save Goliath will result in unlocking the Animal Advocate trophy achievement. Just make sure to speak with Imogen at the Manor

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