Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – The Muse From Abroad Part 2 Of 3 (100% Chapter Walkthrough) Guide

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This page will be focusing on providing a detailed walkthrough for the Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. In this part we explore The Muse From Abroad Part 2 Of 3

I will be trying to cover as much of the chapter as possible, from collecting the various different files, to unlocking any hidden and missable trophy achievements.

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  • Head into the kitchen area and turn to the wall on the left, there should be a photograph that we can collect. Collecting this photo will result in a scene
  • Head back downstairs and speak with Mercurio’s mother


Whilst speaking with the landlady (Mercurio’s mother) do NOT tell her about the death. Instead simply reply to her with the following responses; who entered the flat recently? and call the police

Doing this will result in unlocking the Perfect Gentleman trophy achievement

  • It will then be time to enter the Mind Palace! Here connect the following words; The painter was killed in a fight and The thief was caught by the painter, this will result in The visitor did not want to kill Mercurio.
  • Also connect Mercurio’s visitor smoked ‘MalPal’ and Gallery intruder is a smoker who limps, for this one we will get The gallery thief was in Mercurio’s flat
  • Next connect Photograph of a violation and The painter’s flat was searched, we will then get Visitor might have wanted the photo
  • Our last result from all of this will be The thief wanted the photograph
  • Leave the building and John will tell Sherlock to ditch the clothes and we will automatically be wearing our casual gear. Don’t try changing into anything fancy just yet though. Instead go into the Casebook menu and pin the Jon’s Redrawing of a Pregnant Girl and then put on the Worker’s Clothing as we need to ask the public questions and they will only respond to us if we are wearing the correct gear
  • Ask one of the townsfolk regarding the picture and we will be rewarded with an update regarding the scars and an ethnic group tribe.
  • Now head to Victoria Bridge in Scaladio, technically we need to go under the bridge to where the Refugee Camp is. Here we can meet Ronald Harlow
  • Ronald Harlow is in charge in this area and isn’t happy to see us, so lets try and convince him by observing him. We want to scan his tie (overdressed), hands (damp palms), shoes (clean shoes), eyes (bags under eyes), and mouth (slight moustache). We can now determine if he is a Tired pen pusher or a Dazed formalist, I personally went with the former (Tired pen pusher)
  • Head inside the cornered off area now and there will be several numbered scenes that we can inspect, lets head to scene 1 first. Which you can find to the left of the entrance.
  • SCENE 1: Debris under fingernails, steel dirk (rotate it for the dialogue), body wound, tattoo on the neck, and shoes
  • Head into the Mind Palace and connect Coal footprints with Coal dust under the dead man’s nails in order to get The thug also visited Vogel’s gallery
  • Near the building on the left there will be an injured man, inspect him to find a knife wound and that he seems to be in shock and dehydrated (face). John will suggest we try and help this man.
  • Head into the Casebook menu and pin the Wounded Refugee. We are going plant hunting!
  • Return to scene 1 and here (using concentration mode), we can find some Aloe Vera
  • Our next ingredients are rags and clean water, which can be found hanging up near the injured man and near the entrance. Whilst the clean water can be got from the large cooking bowl.
  • With all of the required ingredients, head into the Casebook menu and find Wounded Refugee, its time for another chemical analysis!
  • Now that we have a solution to help the poor man, return to him and we will win John’s Challenge in the process.
  • Head to scene number 7 now and inspect it for footprints
  • SCENE 4: trench in sand and mild bleeding
  • SCENE 5: Cornelian agate beads
  • SCENE 6: blood, tree branch (rotate it for the dialogue)
  • SCENE 8: Size 10 footprint, Size 9 Police boots, and Size 9.5 Damaged Sole
  • SCENE 2: MalPal, Leather Sheath, and money
  • SCENE 9: Handprint
  • SCENE 3: Blood, Damaged Crate
  • We will now need to inspect the boat, ladder, and sewer. We can start our search by pinning the correct evidence, How Did The Intruder Get Into The Camp?. The ladders are by the entrance and the sewers are by scene 1
  • Leave the area and head back to the commotion outside, here by the barrels will be a collection of cigarette butts, one of which is a MalPal (rotate it for the dialogue). We will now find out how the man managed to enter the camp.
  • Head back into the crime scene and the lovely white orb will appear, lets work out the events shall we?
  • EVENT ORDER: A thug came to take a refugee woman with him, A refugee retaliated with a stick, Woman managed to break free, The thug tried to flee, The thug tripped over crates, Thug lost his balance by the bridge, and Man entered freely into the camp.
  • Ronald Harlow will then appear by the entrance, speak to him and update him on your progress thus far.
  • Then enter the Mind Palace and connect both The thug tried to drag the girl away and The thug didn’t hurt the girl, this will result in The thug wanted to kidnap the girl and A henchman, not merely a thief
  • After doing that pin the Jon’s Redrawing of a Pregnant Girl and speak with the man by the chicken coop.

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