Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – The Muse From Abroad Part 3 Of 3 (100% Chapter Walkthrough) Guide

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This page will be focusing on providing a detailed walkthrough for the Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. In this part we explore The Muse From Abroad Part 3 Of 3

I will be trying to cover as much of the chapter as possible, from collecting the various different files, to unlocking any hidden and missable trophy achievements.

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  • Speak with the man at the crime scene that is standing by the chicken coop and we will be able to meet Neila
  • After the scene we will now need to activate the Mind Palace and connect the following words The defiler had a peculiar cross and Photograph of a violation, this will result in The defiler is a high-ranking official
  • Head to the entrance of the sewers and there will be two men we can eavesdrop on, do so. The words we need are; Camp lockdown, Money, and Take refugees out. Our reward will be What’s Going On At The Refugee Camp?

John’s Challenge: What’s Going On At The Refugee Camp?

  • After eavesdropping on the men by the sewers go ahead and pin the What’s Going On At The Refugee Camp?
  • Then speak with the woman by the clothes line and we will get an update regarding shady people
  • The last person we need to ask is the officer standing by Ronald Harlow, provide him with the What’s Going On At The Refugee Camp? evidence
  • That is it, simple. Challenge complete!

  • At the refugee camp speak with the detective that is standing next to Ronald Harlow, choose to provide him with the Camp Intruder’s Tattoo and he will mention a Nicolo Bernadotti
  • Our next destination is the City Hall archives where we need to search up Subjects – Officials, Period – British (1800s), and Registry – Occupation. We will now receive the Thomas Norton Profile (Note: Make sure to pin the Sketch of the Abuser)
  • We can now head into Thomas Norton’s room which is on the other side of the hall, we will find Thomas Norton here.
  • Observe Thomas Norton and more specifically his eyes (red eyes), mouth (facial hair), badge (Order of the Bath), shoulder (rumpled clothes), and hand (red stain). We can now determine if he is a Envoy in remorse or Envoy is a partygoer (I personally went with Envoy is in remorse)
  • Once you are done talking with Mr. Norton head to the Mind Palace and connect Neila is the woman from the photograph and The photo will ruin the envoy’s career. Whilst we are here, go ahead and connect both The envoy’s offer and The photo will ruin the envoy’s career too. For our efforts we will get System sufferers and The envoy wants to hide the proof
  • Now we want to be at the Police archives this time and we need to search up the following; Crimes – Smuggling, Subjects – Suspects, and Districts – Scaladio and we will get Nicolo Bernadotti Questioning Summary (Note: Make sure to pin the Camp Intruder’s Tattoo from the Casebook menu)
  • We now want to go to the Bernadotti Main Office, which can be found between both Bazaar Rd and Belvedere St in Grand Saray, outskirts of Scaladio
  • Talk to the man wearing a hat by the wooden door and we will learn that no matter what we say, he doesn’t want us here. So we can either punch him (which will lead to a fight) or go and purchase some clothes from the store.
  • If you chose to purchase clothes then you will need the Female Ottoman Outfit for 15 coin and a Bernadotti Gang Tattoo for 5 coin (Note: Choosing to go in dressed in a disguise will win Jon’s Challenge – Internal Affairs)
  • Regardless of the choice you make we need to be inside the building and whilst we are at it make sure to pin the Bernadotti Company LTD. Main Office from the Casebook
  • Before we enter the building however, there are a few things we can scan here such as the Porcelain Dolls, V.H. Grintley boxes, Wine crates, and fruit crates
  • Now we can head inside. here enter the room on the left to find more clues
  • There will be a statue to the left of the room that we can inspect, as well as a Tableware box.
  • Inside the box we can find a Dogon statue (that we can rotate), masks, and the V.H. Grintley label
  • Next to John there will be a painting with a sheet over it, inspect this to find the sheet which reveals the stolen devil painting
  • Now you will no doubt be aware of a strange panting noise in the background, well the source of this noise comes from the next room.
  • Feel free to speak to the guard, depending on what choice you made at the door he will either be polite to you or become rather hostile instead.
  • On the bench there will be a note (Cordona Chronicle). Now head through the door at the end of the hallway
  • Here we will find a desk with a female receptionist, there will be a lot of paperwork and expensive paper on the desk. There will also be a painting on the wall to the left
  • Painting: Scan the handshake (Bernadotti and the Governor) and the Cordona 1875 plaque
  • Opposite the painting there will be a Bernadotti Company poster
  • In the room next to the receptionist will be more clues. On the table to the left (Photograph of little girl) and a collection of books on the shelf. Oh and Mr. Bernadotti will also be in here too
  • Speak to Bernadotti and observe him; tattoo (gang tattoo), hands (hardened hands), arm (damaged skin), holstered pistol, and wedding ring. We can then determine if he is a Ruthless crime lord or a Calculating mastermind (I personally went with the latter option)
  • It will then be time to make your final decision and accuse the one you think is guilty. Whatever ending you want to go with, make sure to report to Mr. Vogel in order to complete the case and obtain more family items for the house.


If you choose to make Mr. Norton help the refugees and hand over the photo you will be rewarded with the Voice of the People trophy achievement


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