Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – Love, Death, And Cordona (100% Case Walkthrough) Guide

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This page will be focusing on providing a detailed walkthrough for the Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, Love, Death, and Cordona optional side casewhich starts at Stonewood Manor

I will be trying to cover as much of the side case as possible, from collecting all evidence to unlocking any potential missable trophies and achievements

  • REQUIRED NPC: Emilio Estevo
  • LOCATION: Stonewood Manor
  • PREREQUISITE: Complete The Muse From Abroad
  • REWARDS: 9 Coins, Not His Toy trophy achievement
  • GUIDE:
  • After completing The Muse From Abroad head to Stonewood Manor and Emilio Estevo will be waiting for you.
  • Our next destination is Primrose Case over on Harbour Ave at Bridge Tower.
  • Make sure to equip the Mycroft’s Request evidence from the Casebook and then find John sitting at one of the café tables
  • During your conversation with John, a scene will then develop over at the Bridge Tower.
  • Inspect the scene and you will want to find; inspect the head for trauma, a scarf, wounds, a key (rotate it for the dialogue), missing knife, and legs
  • Speak with the guard next to the No Trespassing sign. Select the Victim Profile evidence.
  • After speaking with the guard, head through the door next to him.
  • In here we can find a knife on the ground (rotate for the dialogue), the window sill, damaged table, open chest (mud traces), ash tray.
  • In the middle of the room there will be several newspapers and a box of some kind, inspect this to find Blackmail Letter and money
  • The white orb will then appear and we can try to rearrange the events
  • The order of the events are as follows; Ridley was attacked by his blackmailer but was wounded before he pushed Ridley, thus long story short our blackmailer must still be bleeding somewhere.
  • Pin the Meeting Gone Wrong evidence and activate concentration mode to find some clues by the damaged wall. All evidence collected.
  • Return to the guard outside the door and tell him of your current progress.
  • On the other side of the bridge, on Castle Rd. You can find the barracks, speak to the man here. Unfortunately we cannot gain access the barracks unless we wear the Marine disguise,
  • Equip the Marine disguise (thankfully there is a store nearby) and then access the barracks.
  • We will now be at the Old City Barracks, here we can find scratch marks in room 4 (we can then move the locker to find yet more clues), Jailan’s Letter, tickets to London, and money.
  • Also in room 4 we can find a photograph (which we can rotate) and the General’s Letter
  • Now head into the Casebook menu and find the Silk Scarf, we can now perform an analysis.
  • Now that the scarf has been cleaned, remain in the Casebook menu and pin the Victim Profile and exit the room.
  • Just outside of room 4 there will be a man scrubbing the floor, speak to him and we will get an update regarding a Lothario and ‘The One’
  • Head downstairs and there will be some sailors that we can eavesdrop on, do so and the words you want are Disobedience, General will Speak, and Take Revenge, we will now get the Marines on Edge. All evidence collected.
  • Now exit the building altogether and head to the left of the bridge, by the scaffolding
  • Here enter concentration mode and pin the Meeting Gone Wrong evidence, we can then continue following the trail. It wont lead very far. Pillar of Knives
  • Scan the pillar for a knife we can interact with (rotate it for the dialogue) and then take a photo of this knife, now before we upset the locals any more lets head to the nearby clothes store.
  • We need to dress up in the Ottoman Lady outfit and Ottoman Headscarf this time around and then pin the Sign of the Eagle evidence
  • Now return to the strange pillar and speak to the people here, we will get an updated regarding the house of Hassan
  • In order to progress we now need to wear the Silk Scarf we cleaned earlier and make our way to the House of the Eagle. Which is by the Old City Market
  • Here we will meet Jailan, who doesn’t take the news regarding Mark Ridley very well.
  • Anyway pin the Bloody Trail evidence and head to the double doors by the table in order to find some clues, which will lead to a trail we can follow.
  • Along the way we can find a pile of clothes and blood soaked clothes. With all of the clues found return to the main area and we will see two men, one of which is reading whilst the other seems to be rather restless.
  • Observe the restless individual; chest (blood stains), hand over face, ornate sheath, hands (cuts and scrapes), and neck (red spots). We can then determine if he is on edge or remorseful (I personally went with on edge)
  • Accuse this man of the crime and we will then get a small puzzle to solve.
  • We will need to provide the correct evidence that best suits why we think this man is the culprit. Choose the following; Victim Profile, Meeting Gone Wrong, and Jailan’s Letter
  • If you choose to confront the man we will unlock the Not his Toy trophy achievement
  • After more dialogue we will then get to arrest the man. However, doing so will force us to fight his gang. On the plus side we should also manage to complete Jon’s No Room For Error challenge
  • After the fight the case will then end.


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