Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – Treasure Island: Stage 2 (Gold Digger) Guide

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Treasure Island: Stage 2 is one of the many optional side case that requires you to find and collect hidden treasure, with our only hint to their locations coming from a basic picture.

There is a total of 24 hidden treasure to locate and find, with 8 of them coming from other chained cases.

Below is the locations to the one found in Treasure Island: Stage 2


  • LOCATION: Cordona City Hall
  • GUIDE:
  • Head to the Cordona City Hall, which is in Scaladio.
  • Here there will be a Town Crier, speak to him in order to begin the case.


  • LOCATION: Queens St (Scaladio)
  • REWARD: Scaladio: Origin of the Name
  • GUIDE:
  • Fast travel to the Legacy Theatre in Vernet St (Scaladio)
  • From there head to Queen St in order to find a small park, the treasure can be found here. It is next to a tree


  • LOCATION: Bonaparte St (Scaladio)
  • REWARD: Hospitaller’s Maltese Falcon
  • GUIDE:
  • Fast travel to Cordona Police Station and make your way to Bonaparte St
  • Here you should find a small statue of a clock accompanied by two sets of stairs, head up these stairs.
  • Turn and head left to find the treasure inside a small tunnel


  • LOCATION: Silent Way (Grand Saray)
  • REWARD: 15 Coin
  • GUIDE:
  • Fast travel to Stonewood Manor and make your way to Silent Way
  • Here head down to the waters edge and the treasure will be hidden amongst the rocks


  • LOCATION: Promenade Square (Bonanza Rd)
  • REWARD: 15 Coin
  • GUIDE:
  • Head to the Promenade Square (Grand Saray)
  • The treasure can be found under the arched tunnel


  • LOCATION: Northern Scaladio
  • REWARD: 15 Coin
  • GUIDE:
  • Head to Northern Scaladio on Baskerville St
  • Here there will be a wooden bridge, cross it. However, stop half way in order to find an accessible path that we can take
  • Take this path in order to find the treasure (Jacobson’s Memorial)


  • LOCATION: Silver Hephaestus
  • REWARD: Closed Mines: Ruined Lives
  • GUIDE:
  • Head to Wiggins St (Miner’s End) in order to find a rail track and Silver Hephaestus
  • Follow the rail track past the For the Birds side case in order to find this one


  • LOCATION: Ebernote St (Silverton)
  • REWARD: Dead Rails and Depots
  • GUIDE:
  • For this one we need to travel to Silverton and head towards Ebernote St, near Cobblepot Rd. (Finch and Co. Cannery)
  • Here there will be two men talking by the number 2 door, the treasure can be found here


  • LOCATION: Hermes Ave (Old City)
  • REWARD: 15 Coins
  • GUIDE:
  • Head to Hermes Ave (Old City)
  • Here you should find some steps leading up to a castle. The treasure can be found at the top of the second flight of stairs.

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