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As you continue through Sniper Elite 5 you will no doubt encounter many of the games collectibles. This includes classified documents, workbenches, stone eagles, personal letters, and many more.

Getting and collecting all of these various collectibles will unlock the Burn after reading, Tinkerer, Eagle Eyed, From Paris with Love trophy achievements

There is a total of 39 classified documents24 workbenches, 24 dead-eyed targets, 41 personal letters to find altogether.

This page will be dedicated to showing you all of the available collectibles that can be found throughout the Mission 5 – Festung Guernsey mission. Here there will be a total of 19 collectibles altogether

PREVIOUS MISSION: Mission 4 – War Factory

TYPE: Classified Document
COLLECTIBLE: Grin And Bear It!
DESCRIPTION: Festung Guernsey Filming Schedule
GUIDE: You can find this inside a safe that is residing inside a building. We can reach this building by heading up the stairs.

Up here make sure to collect the Hommet Safe Combination from the table.

From there head out of the window and around the building until you notice some vines along the wall, climb these vines and head through the window. The safe is in this next room.

TYPE: Personal Letter
COLLECTIBLE: Escaping Islanders
DESCRIPTION: I Hear You Had A Midnight Encounter
GUIDE: Climb up the wall using the rope and head into the building. The letter you are looking for can be found in the room here

TYPE: Stone Eagle
GUIDE: From the ‘Escaping Islanders’ personal letter location, exit the building. Here look around for a tower in the distance, the stone eagle sits on here.

TYPE: Stone Eagle
GUIDE: Head back inside the building now, where you found the ‘Escaping Islanders’ letter. Then make your way to the top floor. Here look through the small window to spot this one.

TYPE: Workbench
COLLECTIBLE: Rifle Workbench
GUIDE: This one is located in the building rooftop

TYPE: Personal Letter
DESCRIPTION: In The Event Of An Invasion, We’ll Be Fine
GUIDE: This particular letter can be found on a German Officer.

TYPE: Personal Letter
COLLECTIBLE: Getting Off The Island
DESCRIPTION: Just Need Good Weather, And We’re Off!
GUIDE: Head inside the building and drop to the room below ground.

TYPE: Hidden Item
COLLECTIBLE: Crystal Radio
GUIDE: You can find this in the exact same room as the ‘Getting Off The Island’ letter

TYPE: Hidden Item
GUIDE: Enter the nearby house and make your way to the second floor. You can find this in the bedroom.

TYPE: Classified Document
COLLECTIBLE: Drastic Measures
DESCRIPTION: Your Priority Is An Invasion!
GUIDE: Head inside the bunker building and you can then find this one inside one of the rooms.

TYPE: Classified Document
COLLECTIBLE: Cut Costs Cut Lives
GUIDE: Head inside the bunker and drop down to the room below ground. Follow the corridor until the area starts to open up a bit more.

Here we are looking for a German Officer with the Fischer’s Safe Combination. This is part of the mission objective.

From there continue on and head right into a room with a German banner and a room at the end. In this end room will be the safe with the document.

TYPE: Workbench
COLLECTIBLE: Pistol Workbench
GUIDE: Explore the bunkers and you will find this workbench by a German Nazi flag.

TYPE: Stone Eagle
GUIDE: Make your way through the tall grass and you should be able to spot this stone eagle off into the distance.

TYPE: Classified Document
COLLECTIBLE: Transport Troubles
DESCRIPTION: Delivery Errors For The Third Time This Month!!
GUIDE: You can find this one in an underground tunnel area. It will be inside a room, sitting on a desk.

TYPE: Classified Document
DESCRIPTION: Scuttling Security Risk
GUIDE: This one can also be found in the underground tunnels.

TYPE: Personal Letter
COLLECTIBLE: Harass The Huns!
DESCRIPTION: Mirus Has A Weakness Lads!
GUIDE: In order to get this one we will be required to lockpick a door. From there we can find our letter in a room underground.

TYPE: Workbench
GUIDE: We can find this workbench in the same location as the ‘Harass The Huns!’ letter

TYPE: Starting Location
COLLECTIBLE: Roadside House
GUIDE: We can find the Roadside House to the south east of the map. Just south of the ‘Harass The Huns!’ and ‘SMG Workbench’ building.

We will need to get to the rooftop of the building using the vines on the wall. Then once inside we will then have to unlock the door.

TYPE: Personal Letters
COLLECTIBLE: Confiscated Goods
DESCRIPTION: Got A Good Haul Of Contraband.
GUIDE: Here we will have to track down a German Engineer who will, once scanned, have the Personal Letters. The engineer is known as Klaus Gruber.

TYPE: Hidden Item
GUIDE: This one is located inside the tent or cafeteria. It sits on one of the many tables.

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