Sniper Elite 5 – Locomotion Commotion (Distribution Depot Accident) Guide

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One of the many trophies and achievements that players can unlock is Locomotion Commotion. This requires players to create an accident that destroys the train near the Distribution Depot

This is quite a simple task that takes place during Mission 4 – War Factory.

The Locomotion Commotion trophy achievement can be performed and unlocked during Mission 4 – War Factory

Once you are on that particular mission you will then want to head south west of the map. Towards the rail tracks, German banners, and a giant crane that seems to hover rather menacingly above the building. This building is, of course, the Distribution Depot, our target in which we will need to destroy.

Now if you aim towards the crane you should notice someone inside it. Eliminate this target and you will be able to reap your rewards!

The depot will then be destroyed due to an ”accident” and the Locomotion Commotion trophy achievement will then pop!


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