Solasta: Crown Of The Magister – How To Solve The Dark Castle Maze (Main Quest) Guide

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Whilst exploring The Dark Castle and trying to claim the Necromancy Gem, you will end up having to solve a small puzzle maze

This puzzle maze will involve runes and teleporters and you need to use these in order to find a way out of the maze, so you can continue the story

Below is a quick and simple guide on how to do this..

  • You will find this puzzle maze just after meeting up with Aksha
  • You will immediately notice a cell and a drawing on the floor next to this cell. Now be aware that there are a bunch of traps on the floor which will need disarming, so enter the ‘Caution Mode’ in order to find them
  • Then after successfully disarming the traps go ahead and step on the symbol on the floor, this will open the secret door next to you. There will be a lot of drawings on the floor that will need stepping on so keep this in mind as we go along (they are actually more runes than drawings)
  • Passing through this door (remember to hold the ‘ALT’ key in order to highlight any items that you can interact with), there will be yet more floor traps to disarm. Now there is nothing to do beyond this door just yet but remember how you managed to open it as we will be back here later
  • For now though head to the other side of the cell to find yet another rune on the floor and another room that we have yet to explore. Again watch out for the traps
  • Then enter the room here that we have yet to explore
  • Disarm the trap here in order to find a book known as the Adventurer’s Journal. This specific journal actually hints on how to solve this maze we are in, so use it if you would rather try doing this yourself. Chances are though you are here because you got stuck regardless of the journal. So anyway in that case lets continue. There is nothing else in this room so lets leave it
  • Now before you entered the room you should of noticed another rune on the floor, click on a single character and get them to stand on this rune. Doing this will unlock the Northern gate, let everyone but the person on the rune go through this now unlocked gate
  • We are now in the main rune room, however we need 4 characters for this but one of them cannot access the room because they are stuck holding the gate open hmmm…
  • In that case if you inspect this rune room you should notice some boxes and crates that you should be able to move, go ahead and do so. This will reveal a hole in the wall. Remember holding the ‘ALT’ key is your new best friend during this game
  • Now get the party member who was holding the gate open to go ahead and crawl through this hole so that they may rejoin everyone
  • Now you will want everyone to stand on a separate rune tile, since there is 4 of us and 4 tiles in the room. Doing this will activate nearby teleports
  • We will now have to pick a teleport to use, the correct choice is the one with the stair symbol on the wall. This is hinted at by the journal you just picked up
  • Now click on the stair symbol by the teleport to get whisked away to another area of the castle
  • Now this part is optional as its basically just an item we can pick up. However, on the wall behind you will be a Depleted Rune, it is basically an item that you can give interested factions (Arcaneum and Circle of Danantar)
  • Now enter the cell here through either the hole in the wall or using someone to lockpick the door
  • Try picking up the item inside this cell in order to trigger a fight against a Spectral Avenger. You can find some Adventurer’s Notes here
  • Now continue on through the hole in the wall that leads to the next area. This next room will have yet more teleports but which one is the correct one to use? Well going by the journal the answer will be the teleport on the right (the one with the symbol of the down arrow)
  • Just like before we now want to click on the panel with this down arrow to once again be whisked to another area
  • Okay this room should look familiar as it is the area we started in, I told you we would be back. Now remember I told you about the first rune and a hidden door next to the cell? Well we need to once again open this hidden door (if it isn’t already open)
  • There will be a teleport here now, the teleport should have an arrow pointing left. Use it and lets go to the next area
  • If you look at the journal you picked up you should notice that the symbols we are clicking on actually appear in the book, don’t worry though unfortunately some of the symbols are missing in the journal but you can get an idea of the route we are currently taking
  • We will now be in the same room again, yes we didn’t really go very far. However, now all of our party has been separated, bummer.
  • Okay switch to the character who is currently locked in the cell
  • In the cell there should be a switch that you can use in order to unlock the cell door, push it and then select the character who is currently next to the campfire
  • Here go ahead and push the crate onto the lower level so that everyone can rejoin each other once again. Rest if you want
  • The teleport out of this area is located on the right (with the Up arrow)
  • We will now be in the cell where we fought the Spectral Avenger before. Once again go through the hole into the teleport room, this time we want to use the teleport with the arrow pointing right
  • Okay we are back here once again. Head back to the teleport with the dropped crate and once again use the teleport with the Up arrow, yes we are using it again
  • In the Spectral Avenger area there will only be the one teleport showing, it is the one with the down arrow
  • We should now have successfully activate the main teleport and thus solved the puzzle. The main teleport is of course found in the main rune room

  • Find how to exit the maze, probably the Master’s last line of defence. Take your time, think it through, and look for clues while you explore.


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