Solasta: Crown Of The Magister – The Dark Castle (Necromancy Gem – Main Quest) Guide

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Solasta: Crown Of The Magister features quite a few different side quests and of which are often put into their own category.

We have the Main Story QuestsSecondary or Side Quests and of course the basic Tutorial Quests. These can also be unlocked by talking to various different NPC and continuing through the main story. You can then view the quest and the quest’s description through the Journal

For this specific page we will be focusing on the The Dark Castle – Main Quest. This particular quest involves us hunting for the Necromancy Gem

  • QUEST NAME: The Dark Castle
  • QUEST TYPE: Main Quest
  • ACT / CHAPTER: Act 1 – The Adventure Begins!
  • LOCATION: Caer Cyflen
  • QUEST GIVER: Main Story. Unmissable.
  • PREREQUISITE: Report to the Council
  • NEXT QUEST: The Monastery
  • REWARDS: Principality of Masgarth +10, Scavengers Reputation +10
  • GUIDE:
  • After completing Report to the Council we will now be tasked with having to go and find gems for the Crown and the first gem we need to get is the Necromancy gem, which tasks us with going to The Dark Castle
  • At the start of the area if you keep an eye to the right you should come across a log that you can push and create a new bridge with it
  • Crossing this log bridge will gain you access to a small loot crate which contains a Arrow x20, Crossbow Bolt, Dagger, Farewell Letter and a Scroll of Pass Without Trace
  • Now we could just go waltzing into the castle courtyard, however we can also try and get a bit more information regarding the location first. Your choice.
  • To the left of the courtyard you can find a pack of wolves and a man named Talbut. He will share some information regarding the place such as the owner of the castle being a man named Mardracht and that the place is surrounded by wraith and skeletons. Apparently a ghost dwarf can also be found nearby, interesting.
  • Anyway to the right of the castle courtyard now you can find this ghost dwarf and a cemetery. This dwarf is known as Angbi and it is here where you can unlock the side quest Angbi’s Bones
  • To the right of Angbi you can find a building with a secret passageway leading down, take it.
  • We will now be in the castle courtyard, nice not only that but we can now actually skip a rather long fight against a bunch of skeletons and Adam the Twelfth
  • Anyway defeat this wave of skeletons, yes unfortunately we cannot escape all of the fights in the courtyard but this one is so much shorter than the fight against Adam the Twelfth
  • Okay after the fight you should notice a blue teleport, it is actually a drain so go ahead and use this drain in order to leave the area. We will now be inside the castle itself, bypassing the rather long fight against Adam the Twelfth
  • Now here there is a hidden door next to the actual door, in order to gain access to it you can simply hit the switch next to the bookshelf just behind the path you just came from
  • Heading through this secret doorway will result in a fight with a bunch of zombies, expect lots of fights with zombies as this place is literally full of the undead
  • To the North East of this room there will be a door, use it in order to continue the quest. However, before leaving you can also check out the small room here in order to find Lizzaria’s Journal (she is someone who we will be meeting shortly). You can also find an Encrypted Spellbook which can be used to improve your reputation with the Circle of Danantar
  • Okay once you are done inspecting the place you can then head through the North East door in order to encounter another battle and a new enemy, the Dark Apprentice
  • NOTE: Remember if you enjoy collecting stuff in these various rooms then be sure to hold the ‘ALT’ key in order to highlight anything that can be collected or interacted with
  • Anyway after the fight you can find a bed that you can use to rest should you need to.
  • To the right of the door you just came through will be a secret doorway that you can use to get to the next area
  • Yet more Zombies will attack and here we will also trigger a scene and be introduced to Lizzaria (I told you we would when you collected her journal)
  • Fighting her doesn’t really give you anything special, apart from possibly a Scroll of Undead but that isn’t worth the hassle of fighting her to be honest. So try to avoid combat if possible
  • If you want to know what Lizzaria has to say then basically she thinks that another woman of the castle, named Aksha is holding their master prisoner. Aksha seems to be the main villain here
  • From the laboratory head to the top platform where the Dark Apprentice once stood in order to find a blue teleport
  • Now next to this gate (which of course is currently locked) there is a switch on the wall, activate it
  • In this next room we will be forced to fight a bunch of Ghouls, take care of them and then press on
  • Feel free to loot the area if you want (remember holding the ‘ALT’ key to highlight anything of interest), then climb onto the platform above the cells, this will trigger a fight against a Badlands Wraith/Badlands Ghast. The Wraith is resistant to both melee and bow attacks, so if you have a Mage then let them go wild here
  • Then head up the stairs and through the door, again feel free to loot this next area. However, I recommend you save at this point as we are about to meet a very powerful individual
  • Heading through this next blue teleport will trigger a scene where we will finally get to meet this evil Aksha. The reason I told you to save is because if you fail to avoid fighting her then expect a very tough fight on your hands, I don’t even know how to defeat her to be honest. She tends to enjoy casting darkness magic which gives her a huge buff and a healing ability. I think I gave up fighting her after around 30 minutes-an hour, not worth it. So again try to avoid the fight if possible. ALSO, try not to loot anything in her room because if you try to steal anything she will get aggressive and attack you
  • Okay head through the next door in order to find another blue teleport, use it and we will now be in a rune maze
  • This rune maze is basically all about using different teleport locations and activating the correct rune panels, for a guide on how to actually solve and complete it please go here or refer to the video above
  • Once you have successfully solved the maze puzzle use the now lit up teleport to reach the next area, you will now be attacked by several skeletons.
  • After the fight head through the gate here to find a bunch of pillars that you can jump across. At the end you will find some crates that you will need to push, go ahead and do so
  • You will now end up triggering a fight with a Wight, head through the gate here
  • There is a crate that you can push to the ground below you but it isn’t necessary as we can still get down without it, anyway make your way back to the lower levels
  • Now back on the lower level, head up the stairs and through the door. Doing so will immediately trigger a fight against yet more skeletons
  • Head through the door here and we will finally get to meet this Master Mardracht
  • Again we can either choose to fight or avoid combat altogether, your choice nothing much happens if you avoid the fight he just walks off and no extra rewards are gained
  • The quest will then end after the next scene


  • Travel to the place that the crownbearer is being drawn to, and search for a gem.
  • You arrived at the location of the Crown’s signal and found a large castle there
  • Find a way into the courtyard
  • You have reached the castle courtyard
  • Get into the keep and find the master
  • You have found the Keep’s entrance but you can’t get in
  • You have found an underground passage
  • You have entered the keep
  • Explore the laboratory and look for the Master
  • You have found a hidden stair to the next floor
  • Search the lair and see if the Master is here
  • You need a teleport to get to the next floor
  • Find how to exit the maze, probably the Master’s last line of defence. Take your time, think it through, and look for clues while you explore.
  • You have found a room with teleports
  • The paranoid Master has set up a labyrinth of teleporters. You must find a way out!
  • Follow the hints in the journal to escape the labyrinth
  • You have found the way out of the maze!
  • Question the Master about the gem’s location
  • You have found the Master and acquired the Gem of Necromancy


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