Solasta : Crown Of The Magister – List Of Optional Side Quests Guide

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The Solasta : Crown Of The Magister has a bunch of different side quests (otherwise known as Secondary Quests) that you can find and complete, each one granting various different rewards

Once you have activated the side quest you can then navigate through them using the Quest Log and Journal

Below is a list of various different ones that are available within the game….


  • Origins of the Crown
  • Quest for Information
  • Arwin Merton’s Story
  • Visit the Local Scavenger HQ
  • The Scavengers’ Headquarters
  • Convey the Scavengers’ Message
  • Lair of Filth
  • Sorak Relic
  • Misaye’s Birthday
  • Runs in the Family
  • Angbi’s Bones
  • Honor Your Masters (Academic Background Quest)
  • Apostasy (Acolyte Background Quest)
  • Shadow of the Past (Spy Background Quest)
  • The Nature of Evil (Philosopher Backgorund Quest)
  • The Law is the Law (Lawkeeper Background Quest)



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