Solasta: Crown Of The Magister – Recover The Stolen Gem (Tutorial Quest) Guide

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Solasta: Crown Of The Magister features quite a few different side quests and of which are often put into their own category.

We have the Main Story Quests, Secondary or Side Quests and of course the basic Tutorial Quests. These can also be unlocked by talking to various different NPC and continuing through the main story. You can then view the quest and the quest’s description through the Journal

For this specific page we will be focusing on the Recover The Stolen Gem – Tutorial Quest. This particular quest involves teaches you the basics of using stealth, pick-pocketing and trap disarming

  • QUEST NAME: Recover the Stolen Gem
  • QUEST TYPE: Tutorial Quest
  • ACT / CHAPTER: Act 1 – The Adventure Begins!
  • LOCATION: Loan Shark Fort
  • QUEST GIVER: Main Story. Unmissable.
  • PREREQUISITE: Leave the Cave
  • NEXT QUEST: The Legacy Council
  • REWARDS: Thieve’s Tools, Liam’s Heirloom, How Do You Want To Do This – Achievement
  • GUIDE:
  • This is a basic tutorial quest and thus cannot be missed. You will be controlling your Rogue companion, Anton
  • You will be learning the ways of stealth, pick-pocketing and disarming traps.
  • Take advantage of the Caution ability as the game mentions and hints at as this will make you enter the stealth mode of the game.
  • In stealth mode you can also view any nearby footprints which can lead you to new areas and even hidden treasures, so keep this in mind and since there are a set of footprints here you should go ahead and follow them
  • As you turn the corner to go North you should notice a barrel, inside this barrel will be the Thieve’s Tools.
  • The Thieve’s Tools will help you unlock any locked doors and disarm any traps that you may come across. Keep in mind though that sometimes these locked doors and traps may require stat checks too
  • Anyway continue on and you should come across some planks against the building walls, simply click on them to remove them. This will then allow you to climb through the hole that these planks were blocking.
  • Keep in stealth mode too if you have for whatever reason come out of it, so that the guard above doesn’t see or hear you
  • After successfully climbing through the hole in the wall, there will now only be one other way out. This door however, requires you to use the newly acquired Thieve’s Tools so go ahead and use them
  • Now we will need to master the ways of pick-pocketing, we could ignore this step but then we can only get as far as opening the Treasure Room and that is it, we will not be able to fully complete the quest as we will fail to get Liam’s Heirloom. We need to use the Thieve’s Tools in order to get the Heirloom and if we failed to pick-pocket we will only have enough Thieve’s Tools to unlock the Treasure Room and thus be one short. The game will even tell us after opening the Treasure Room that the ‘Quest Failed’ as seen in the picture below..
  • LETS PICKPOCKET! After using the Thieves Tools on the door we will get a prompt about a nearby guard, there is actually 2 guards here. However, despite there being 2 of them only one of them has anything worthy of stealing from and I’m not even sure you can get spotted by the guard either so ignore that one and focus more on the guard who seems to be idle and still.
  • Okay remember to stay in stealth mode for this, in fact for the entirety of this quest we shouldn’t even be exiting the stealth mode anyway as there is no real need to.
  • As said before there will be a total of 2 guards here but we mainly want to just focus on the Bandit Quartermaster
  • Stealthily approach and get behind the Bandit Quartermaster. As with most stealth encounters you will need a good Sleight of Hand stat check but as this is a tutorial we will achieve the required number to pass but keep this in mind for the rest of the game as this obviously won’t be the case all of the time
  • When you are close enough to the Quartermaster, simply click on the guard in order to pick-pocket
  • If successful (which being a tutorial we will be) we will now obtain the Golden Key. The Key will appear in your inventory
  • Continue around the outskirts ignoring and keeping away from the nearby guards now since they are no longer of use to us
  • The outskirts should take you right and to a door which again requires Thieve’s Tools
  • We should now be in an area with crates underneath a window. We can actually climb onto this crate and use it to climb up and through the window. So go ahead and do so.
  • We now have access to the Treasure Room, or rather we are in the room next to our objective room to be more specific.
  • Be warned though that before going through to the Treasure Room there will be a trap by the door, this trap will be easily noticeable if you are still in stealth mode. Disarm it by left clicking on it.
  • Now if you chose not to try your luck in pick-pocketing the game will say that ‘Quest Failed’, as mentioned and posted before
  • However, if you choose to pick-pocket the guard you can use the Golden Key in order to open the door rather than using the Thieve’s Tools. Using the Thieve’s Tools on this door will lock us out of getting Liam’s Heirloom
  • Now we are inside the Treasure Room there is only one more objective to fill and that lays to the North of the room.
  • Now before opening the loot box you should notice that it has a trap that we need to disarm, this is where the final set of Thieve’s Tools come in
  • However, once you successfully manage to open it we should now be able to get our mitts on Liam’s Heirloom which is a ruby worth 500GP
  • As you try to leave you will encounter both Liam and the Loan Shark. You will now be told that certain NPC’s death will result in a Game Over
  • Now the prompt regarding keeping NPC characters alive this time around is mainly referring to Liam, thus we need to keep Liam alive at all costs or face a Game Over.
  • One way to dispose of the Loan Shark is to switch to the Bow and Arrow (shown in the picture above) and fire a few arrows into the Loan Shark


  • You have entered the the loan shark’s fort! Move cautiously!
  • You have opened the door
  • You have opened the treasure room!
  • You’ve taken Liam’s gem back! Retrace your steps and escape!
  • Remain in cautious mode and backtrack until you leave through the fort’s wall

Patch Update: 1.0 Full Launch –

As of the latest Patch Update 1.0 Full Launch, you now no longer need to pick-pocket from the Bandit Quartermaster. In fact I didn’t even get a tutorial for it and when I clicked on the Bandit Quartermaster nothing happened, glitch or a bug perhaps? Who knows?

However, for now at least you do not need the Golden Key and you should end up with enough locks to be able to finish the mission


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