Solasta: Crown Of The Magister – The Legacy Council (Main Quest) Guide

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Solasta: Crown Of The Magister features quite a few different side quests and of which are often put into their own category.

We have the Main Story QuestsSecondary or Side Quests and of course the basic Tutorial Quests. These can also be unlocked by talking to various different NPC and continuing through the main story. You can then view the quest and the quest’s description through the Journal

For this specific page we will be focusing on the The Legacy Council – Main Quest. This particular quest involves meeting up with the council

  • QUEST NAME: The Legacy Council
  • QUEST TYPE: Main Quest
  • ACT / CHAPTER: Act 1 – The Adventure Begins!
  • LOCATION: Caer Cyflen
  • QUEST GIVER: Main Story. Unmissable.
  • PREREQUISITE: Complete Recover the Stolen Gem
  • NEXT QUEST: The Scavengers
  • REWARDS: +24 Principality of Masgarth Reputation
  • GUIDE:
  • When we eventually find ourselves in Caer Cyflen for the first time, we will be tasked with having to meet the Legacy Council and of course Carran once again. You should remember Carran from the tutorial segment of the game, now we need to meet him over by the Legacy Council building
  • Okay to find the Legacy Building we need to head left and up the stairs here. Going right will only take us to a bunch of guards telling us to go in the opposite direction as this is an actual fact a way out of the city altogether, which we don’t need right now. So yes head left and up the first set of stairs you come across
  • You should now find yourself in Sunblaze Court
  • Head West here and up yet more stairs
  • Here you can admire the lovely plants and bushes as well as the Legacy objective building which is to the North. Lord Carran will be here to greet you
  • A cinematic will now play out and Lady Keen, the Council’s Oathkeeper will arrive.
  • After the cinematic ends we will now learn of our next destination (Caer Lem) and be rewarded with +24 Principality of Masgarth Reputation. We will also now be members of the Council and learn about the different faction groups
  • We will now be required to Level Up, which is normal for any CRPG or RPG these days. However, in order to do this we first need to open the map (‘M’ on the keyboard) and travel to The Gravekeep’s Cask
  • Here speak to the Tavernkeeper and choose ‘We need a room‘. It will cost you 10 Gold Pieces or GP
  • We will now be introduced to the levelling aspect of the game
  • There are several options that you can choose from here. You can either choose to ‘Level Up’, which will bring a menu of being able to assign any new points to our stats and see what abilities we could get as we continue to level up and get stronger
  • Or we can ‘Prepare Spells’ which allows us to reorganise what spells and abilities we can use during combat, thus if you have levelled up before we can now activate any new spells that might of been missing, or if a spell ability isn’t as good as we had hoped it would be we can now inactivate it and swap it with something else instead
  • You can level up in other areas too if Taverns are not available, such as setting up camps. These options are not limited to Taverns alone.
  • We will now be tasked on how to purchase goods from the shop vendors. So again open your map (‘M’ on the keyboard) and travel to Gorim Ironsoot‘s shop
  • Eesh Deep Spiders sounds terrifying. Anyway for the purpose of this specific quest we will want to purchase x4 Ration Pouches which will cost you 8GP in total. You can also sell any unwanted gear that you may have here too but considering we are still new at this point, chances are we have nothing to sell but still good to keep in mind


  • You have been sworn in as Council deputies
  • You have leveled up!
  • You have bought some food for the journey


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