(TOCS4) Trails Of Cold Steel IV 4 – Teal Anklet (Fie – Gifts Location) Guide

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Ah the gift of giving! Just like with past Trails of Cold Steel games the feature to give your fellow companions gifts is back!

In order to give gifts to your companions you need to first find the gift and then head to the ‘Items’ menu followed by ‘Event’ the gift should then be located in this list. Always make sure that the specific companion is in your party too otherwise you cannot give them it.

Remember to give your companions the gifts in order to reap your rewards!

For this page we will be focusing on Teal Anklet which is a gift for Fie

  • GIFT: Teal Anklet
  • DATE: 8/21 – Monday
  • LOCATION: Strauss Orbal Factory – Ordis (North Street)
  • REWARDS: Fie Bonding Increased, Fie STR and DEF increased by 15, Rean STR and DEF increased by 2
  • INFO:
  • Head to the Ordis North Street and more specifically to the Strauss Orbal Factory
  • Here go ahead and speak to Luther
  • You can now purchase the Teal Anklet for 1000 Mira


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