Solasta: Crown Of The Magister – Runs In The Family (Side Quest) Guide

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Solasta: Crown Of The Magister features quite a few different side quests and of which are often put into their own category.

We have the Main Story QuestsSecondary or Side Quests and of course the basic Tutorial Quests. These can also be unlocked by talking to various different NPC and continuing through the main story. You can then view the quest and the quest’s description through the Journal

For this specific page we will be focusing on the Runs In The Family – Side Quest. This particular quest involves retrieving an item that might of belonged to Lord Danantar’s ancestors

  • QUEST NAME: Runs In The Family
  • QUEST TYPE: Side Quest
  • ACT / CHAPTER: Act 1 – The Adventure Begins!
  • LOCATION: Caer Cyflen
  • QUEST GIVER: Quest Board
  • PREREQUISITE: The Monastery
  • NEXT QUEST: Path To Glory
  • REWARDS: One Pearl, Circle of Danantar Reputation +7, Scavengers Reputation +3
  • GUIDE:
  • After completing The Monastery you can then activate this side quest via the quest board
  • Once you have picked up the quest you will then need to head to the Fortress Of The Shield, which becomes available during The Monastery quest
  • Then you will want to exit the Fortress and head outside to the Platform
  • From there you should spot some ruins to the North West, if you hover around the area you should hear strange noises. We want to head to the source of this noise.
  • Make your way around to this ruin, there is more than one entrance to use in order to get inside
  • Once inside the ruin you will immediately be attacked by a bunch of Brood enemies
  • After the fight you should notice a plant in the corner of the area (hold the ‘ALT’ key if you cannot find it). What you want is hiding next to this plant, you will now receive a letter FAREWELL TO THE SHIELD
  • Return to any quest board to end the quest


  • Lord Danantar wants you to retrieve an item from the ruins around Adrasteia’s Fortress. He believes one of his ancestors lived there. Find anything that proves this and bring it back. Reward: One Pearl worth 100GP, three level-5 spell scrolls. Recommended level: 8
  • You found a letter hidden in a dagger sheath inside one of the old buildings
  • Return to the closest quest board to complete the quest and collect your reward
  • Quest completed


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