Solasta: Crown Of The Magister – The Collector (Side Quest) Guide

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Solasta: Crown Of The Magister features quite a few different side quests and of which are often put into their own category.

We have the Main Story QuestsSecondary or Side Quests and of course the basic Tutorial Quests. These can also be unlocked by talking to various different NPC and continuing through the main story. You can then view the quest and the quest’s description through the Journal

For this specific page we will be focusing on the The Collector – Side Quest. This particular quest involves finding something that may of belonged to the Imperial First Legion

  • QUEST NAME: The Collector
  • QUEST TYPE: Side Quest
  • ACT / CHAPTER: Act 1 – The Adventure Begins!
  • LOCATION: Caer Cyflen
  • QUEST GIVER: Quest Board
  • PREREQUISITE: The Monastery
  • NEXT QUEST: Path To Glory
  • REWARDS: One Pearl worth 100GP, Bracers of Sparkles, Arcaneum Reputation +6, Scavengers Reputation +3
  • GUIDE:
  • After completing The Monastery you should then be able to unlock this side quest from the quest board
  • From there head to the Imperial Outpost Ruins next to The Dungeons
  • When you arrive you will then want to investigate the area where all of the merchants once stood, you will now be attacked by a bunch of thugs (Veteran, Berserker)
  • After the fight you will then want to climb to the top platform (if you are not already there), it is here where you can find what you are looking for. Hold the ‘ALT’ key if you are still struggling
  • Return back to the quest board to end the quest


  • Scavengers have reported that the sigil of the Imperial First Legion has been found on the ruined outpost you found near Coparann. Return there and find any item that might have been part of the equipment of a soldier of this legion. Client: The Arcaneum. Reward: One pearl worth 100GP, a pair of Bracers of Sparkles. Recommended level: 6
  • You searched the ruined imperial outpost and found an imperial insignia of the First Legion
  • Return to the closest quest board to complete the quest and collect your reward
  • Quest completed


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