Solasta: Crown Of The Magister – Convey The Scavengers Message (Side Quest) Guide

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Solasta: Crown Of The Magister features quite a few different side quests and of which are often put into their own category.

We have the Main Story QuestsSecondary or Side Quests and of course the basic Tutorial Quests. These can also be unlocked by talking to various different NPC and continuing through the main story. You can then view the quest and the quest’s description through the Journal

For this specific page we will be focusing on the Convey The Scavengers Message – Side Quest. This particular quest involves trying to meet up with Captain Henrik

  • QUEST NAME: Convey The Scavengers Message
  • QUEST TYPE: Side Quest
  • ACT / CHAPTER: Act 1 – The Adventure Begins!
  • LOCATION: Caer Cyflen / Caer Lem Outpost
  • QUEST GIVER: Annie Bagmordah
  • PREREQUISITE: Complete The Legacy Council
  • REWARDS: +19 Scavengers Reputation
  • GUIDE:
  • This side quest can be obtained from Annie Bagmordah after completing The Legacy Council. It is a bit difficult to miss as it is also tied to the main story quest Caer Lem Outpost
  • Annie Bagmordah wants to get permission from Captain Henrik over at the Caer Lem Outpost to be able to build a camp there, it is up to us to go and seek him out on her behalf
  • As soon as you obtain the quest go ahead and leave Caer Cyflen in order to make your way over to Caer Lem
  • Caer Lem is to the North West of Caer Cyflen
  • When you arrive at Caer Lem Outpost, follow the path up and you should get attacked by a group of Goblins. Take them out in order to progress on
  • Now keep going along the path until your reach a cinematic, we will now learn that a group of people are trying to hide and we need to get closer to them in order to reassure them that we come in peace
  • As you try to get closer to the door you will be attacked by Unknown Flying Creatures, they are quite easy to take down so no need to worry about them.
  • Now in order to reach the top platform and ultimately to the door you can simply climb up the wall and then jump over to the actual door
  • It seems that the group were attacked by Soraks and the rest of the team either died or got carried off somewhere, including Captain Henrik.
  • We will then be tasked with having to talk to the remaining survivors and decide who to trust, for a guide on who to trust and any missable rewards for this section feel free to check out the Caer Lem Outpost
  • Anyway regardless of who you choose we will now find ourselves in a cave with Soraks in, the Soraks are actually quite tough thus there is no wonder people are scared of them. Deal with them best you can and try not to let your new companions die otherwise it will be Game Over.
  • After the next few sets of fights you can now travel back to Caer Cyflen in order to report back to Annie

NOTE: As of the Patch Update 1.0 Full Launch you can no longer climb up the walls as described above. Instead you have to push the various crates, you can find an updated way of doing this here


  • Annie Bagmordah, the Scavenger’s quartermaster, asked you to speak to Captain Henrik on her behalf to get the authorisation to build a Scavenger camp in the Caer Lem outpost. Brink back Henrik’s answer
  • You learned that Henrik was killed in Caer Lem, and there is no left to negotiate with the Scavengers.
  • You told Annie what happened to Henrik. She was glad you did, even though it was bad news


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