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Solasta: Crown Of The Magister features quite a few different side quests and of which are often put into their own category.

We have the Main Story QuestsSecondary or Side Quests and of course the basic Tutorial Quests. These can also be unlocked by talking to various different NPC and continuing through the main story. You can then view the quest and the quest’s description through the Journal

For this specific page we will be focusing on the The Law Is The Law – Side Quest. This particular quest involves tracking down corruption within the city guard

  • QUEST NAME: The Law Is The Law
  • QUEST TYPE: Side Quest
  • ACT / CHAPTER: Act 1 – The Adventure Begins!
  • LOCATION: Caer Cyflen
  • QUEST GIVER: Captain Verissa Ironshell / Stig
  • PREREQUISITE: The Monastery
  • NEXT QUEST: Path To Glory
  • REWARDS: Justice Is Blind Trophy Achievement
  • GUIDE:
  • After completing The Monastery and after the Council meeting at the beginning of Path To Glory, a person named Captain Verissa Ironshell will come to you and talk about someone named Stig
  • You will then need to speak to Stig, he can be found at the High Town Exit
  • We will now need to meet Stig at the Palace entrance
  • Fast travel to Sunblaze Court
  • Continue to speak to Stig
  • It seems that Stig has managed to come up with four potential suspects and thus wants us to investigate
  • We will need to speak to all of the suspects in order to continue, there is no specific order for this. However, if you look at the map you should notice all of our suspects are marked on it, all except Rodric hmm…
  • If you want to keep following this guide then I’ll be going to speak with Shieldguard Tradtsson first who is at the Snow Alliance Embassy
  • We will now need to meet Tradtsson over at the promontory but it needs to be nighttime
  • You will need to use the nearby bench in order to trigger nighttime
  • From there head to the promontory to find and speak to Tradtsson once again
  • Turns out he was simply selling some alcohol and he isn’t the person we are looking for
  • Next we will go and investigate Corporal Dann who is over by the High Town Exit
  • We will now have to follow him in order to see where he goes, the end result is he doesn’t really go very far at all. His destination is actually Lane Ends so either watch him walk all the way there and fast travel to Lane Ends or just fast travel there and wait for him
  • Seems our Corporal Dann has a love interest, he isn’t the person we need.
  • Our only target now is Garth, since for now, Rodric seems to of ran off and isn’t on the map. Still we need to investigate everyone despite how innocent they may be so lets make our way to Garth who can be found at the Gravekeep’s Cask
  • It seems that Garth got out at the wrong side of the bed today and seems to be in a bit of a mood
  • Keep talking to him until he decides to leave
  • Okay open your map and we can now find Garth over at the Sunblaze Court
  • Speak to Garth and you will find out that he is hijacking a cart full of Angry Violets, don’t worry though apparently it is part of a request made by the Princess. He isn’t the suspect we are after, go figure. We kind of already knew that since ‘cough’ someone is currently missing from the map
  • Speaking of the map, go ahead and check it and look who suddenly, out of the blue, appears! None other than Rodric himself, where have you been?
  • Lets go and ask him shall we? You can find him at the Temple Quarter
  • Nicely done team we have gone and scared him off, something tells me is isn’t a fan of the Council
  • Activate ‘Caution Mode‘ and you should notice some footprints on the floor
  • Follow the footprints to a drain, lets head on down. Rodric we are coming for you!
  • Follow the path on and we will end up having to fight Rodric and his fellow gang of misfits
  • Press and hold the ‘ALT’ key in order to find a Handwritten Note inside a crate
  • The note reads as follows; We still have not received the last supply. The clients are not as lenient as I am. You have five days to bring the goods, or we’ll come and take it ourselves – Rodric
  • Whilst you are here examine the wall, again hold the ‘ALT’ key if necessary
  • In order to find a chest containing 130CP, Amethyst, Brimstone Fang Poisoned Bolt recipe and a Superb Scimitar
  • Now return to Stig at the Sunblaze Court
  • The side quest will then end


  • Stig is an old acquaintance who needs help tracking corruption within the city guard.
  • You have cleared most of Stig’s suspects and found out that Rodric was a traitor and a smuggler, if not worse. Report back to Stig at the Palace entrance
  • Stig thanked you for your help and went to report your findings to Captain Ironshell
  • An old friend, Stig, needs your help finding a rotten member of the city guard. He’s waiting for you at the palace entrance. Go there when you’re ready to undertake the task.
  • You talked to Stig and he gave you the name of four suspicious guard members to check out
  • Private Rodric is posted at the entrance to the Temple Quarter. He takes frequent breaks, but not with his colleagues. Find out what he does when he is not at his post
  • Track Rodric and find out where he went
  • Search for incriminating information about Rodric’s activities
  • You found proof that Rodric was trafficking stolen goods out of the Temple Quarter.
  • Tradtsson is a city guard working in a joint operation with the Snow Alliance to provide protection to the embassy. Rumour has it he has a small side-business. Try to find out what he is dealing
  • You set up a secret meeting with Tradtsson to buy his product
  • Tradtsson asked you to meet him at the promontory by night to buy some of his product. Be ready for anything. You can use the bench in the garden nearby to wait for nightfall.
  • It turns out that Tradtsson is simply reselling elvish alcohol and doesn’t want his peers at the embassy to know. Nothing illegal here. Case closed.
  • Garth is a notorious drunk. Find him at the Gravekeep’s Cask, and don’t let him scold you. Insist if need be
  • Garth does not want to speak with you. Try again
  • Garth still does not want to speak with you! But maybe next time…?
  • Garth refused to talk to you
  • Find Garth at his post, at the Gatehouse in Sunblaze Court. Watch him, and find out what he’s up to.
  • You confronted Garth as he seemed to be stealing a crate, but it turned out that he was working on a special assignment for the Princess herself. Case closed.
  • Corporal Dann works at the High Bridge. Stig has seen him furtively leaving his post
  • Follow Corporal Dann and find out where he goes
  • You found out that Corporal Dann was secretly meeting a love. Case closed.


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