Solasta: Crown Of The Magister – Misaye’s Birthday (Side Quest) Guide

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Solasta: Crown Of The Magister features quite a few different side quests and of which are often put into their own category.

We have the Main Story QuestsSecondary or Side Quests and of course the basic Tutorial Quests. These can also be unlocked by talking to various different NPC and continuing through the main story. You can then view the quest and the quest’s description through the Journal

For this specific page we will be focusing on the Misaye’s Birthday – Side Quest. This particular quest involves trying to take back stolen goods

  • QUEST NAME: Misaye’s Birthday
  • QUEST TYPE: Side Quest
  • ACT / CHAPTER: Act 1 – The Adventure Begins!
  • LOCATION: Caer Cyflen
  • QUEST GIVER: Arwin Merton
  • PREREQUISITE: The First Scavenger, Report to the Council
  • NEXT QUEST: Gem Quest – The Dark Castle
  • REWARDS: Scavengers Reputation +5, Let Me See Those Coins Trophy Achievement
  • GUIDE:
  • After speaking with Arwin Merton who should be standing outside The Gravekeep’s Cask you will learn of a little side-job of sorts, one in which involves the underworld and basically shady dealers
  • We will now need to speak to Annie Bagmordah
  • Upon speaking to Annie we will now learn that something was stolen and that these stolen goods is actually an Imperial Sword. It is up to us to take back what was stolen
  • Okay in order to progress we will now need to head East past Gorim Ironsoot the General Store and continue North from there to find the City Guard (Temple Quarter)
  • Head through the door next to the City Guard
  • Then head through this next, rather small, section and through the next set of doors. Here you will be inside Misaye Temple
  • Speak to Nel and he will tell us to go and speak to Gorim at the General Store
  • Apparently Gorim turned down the sword because it was too expensive and suggests we go and try the Gravekeep’s Cask instead
  • In the Gravekeep’s Cask go and speak to the Inn services, Karel Martel. Karel Martel will then point us to Heddlon Surespell who thankfully is still in the tavern and is still waiting for someone to purchase the stolen sword
  • Heddlon Surespell will then tell us to go and see Nel once again and tell him the password ‘Bowl of Soup
  • Okay lets return to the mischievous Nel and get our sword back!
  • Nel will then point you to a loot chest which of course is locked and every time you fail to open it you will be forced to pay gold pieces ranging between 1-10 pieces. I managed to get the chest open after paying 10GP
  • After finally obtaining the sword known as the Magnificent Longsword we can now leave and return back to Annie Bagmordah
  • However, as soon as you leave the Temple of Misaye you will be attacked and will need to fight a bunch of spies and thugs
  • Once the fight is over the Unknown Creature will drop a Handwritten Note, it would seem that these guys were after the Magnificent Sword too but we beat them to it
  • After giving the Magnificent Sword to Annie Bagmordah the quest will then end


  • Merton told you that Annie has a problem. This could be a job for you
  • Most of the thefts in the High Town are monitored by Nel, the local priest of Misaye. Pay a visit to the secret temple. You should use the Temple Quarter door
  • According to Nel, Gorim should know where the stolen sword is
  • Gorim told you that the stolen sword has been offered to her by a man who she then sent to see Heddlon Surespell. He might still be in the tavern
  • Apparently, Nel was pulling your leg from the beginning, which is typical of him. He had the stolen sword in his possession all along. Go back to the Temple of Misaye and ask him for a ‘bowl of soup’
  • Find a way to open Nel’s chest. It should contain the sword
  • Bring the sword back to Annie and get your reward
  • Annie was happy to recover the sword and gave you a generous reward


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