(SOR4) Streets Of Rage 4 : An Elegant Death (Chandelier) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Streets of Rage 4 (SOR4) has many different trophies and achievements that you can unlock, one of which is An Elegant Death.An Elegant Deathis a trophy achievement that requires you to use a chandelier to kill an enemy.

If you manage to unlock this you will obtain a Bronze trophy and/or 15 Achievement Points

SOURCE: Thomas’ Trophy Tutorials

This one can be unlocked during Stage 12 – Y Island. As soon as the stage begins you should notice a large chandelier above you and on the wall next to you should be a rope, this rope is actually attached to this chandelier.

Keep the rope in mind as obviously you will need this and carefully continue forward until you see an enemy nearby.

Wait until the enemies get really close to the chandelier, once they do either punch or kick the rope here to allow the chandelier to fall and hopefully smack right into the enemies below.

As long as one of the enemies are caught by the chandelier the trophy achievement should then pop!

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