(SWJFO) Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order : Bank Shot (Trophy Achievement) Guide

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The Bank Shot trophy achievement requires you to Defeat an enemy by colliding them with another enemy. This can be easily done as long as you have the ability to control Droids. 

This ability you can get from the Imperial Refinery on planet Kashyyyk. This ability allows you to control Droids and is the first chance at doing so too.

Now if you are unable to control or rather turn a Droid into an Allie then you do not have this ability and thus will need to traverse to Kashyyyk in order to get it. For the location on how to get it go here: Control Droids Ability

After you have managed to obtain the ability you can then concentrate on getting this trophy achievement, I actually got it by complete accident as I managed to somehow get lost on a specific area and through complete boredom, decided to decimate a nearby allied Droid, yes I feel bad and have trouble sleeping on a night due to it too. 

Anyway, as you can see this is what I did in order to get it. I simply got lost on an area in the Broken Wing map of Zeffo, there was a lonely Droid in fact it was the only fiend there and thus I decided to weaken him and then ‘control’ him and out of boredom decided to push him into the electrified water, this is how I pulled it off!

However, in reality another way you could possibly get it is by ‘controlling’ a Droid and then have it fight and die to another foe be it another Droid or Trooper, I guess at the end of the day it doesn’t matter as long as your newly turned ally dies. 

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