(SWJFO) Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order : Don’t Mess With BD-1 (Trophy Achievement) Guide

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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order has many trophies and achievements to unlock, one of which is Don’t Mess With BD-1 which involves hacking a Droid. 

In order to pull it off you will also need to locate and unlock a certain ability too, here is how..

Okay first off before this can even work you will need to unlock a certain ability. You can get this ability from a table at the Imperial Refinery on the planet Kashyyyk, it is quite close to a shortcut as well as a Meditation spot too. This ability once unlocked will allow BD-1 to posses a Droid, however the Droid will need to be weakened first.

After the Droid has been possessed and is now an ally (warning it won’t last), you can then send it into a army of unexpected Troopers and the Droid will happily kill them, earning you the trophy / achievement. 

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