(SWJFO) Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order : Back At You (Trophy Achievement) Guide

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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order has many different trophies and achievements to unlock, one of which is Back at You which requires you reflect enemy fire. 

This one is probably an easy one to get and will probably happen unexpectedly through the course of the game. However, here is a quick guide regardless..

Early on in the game you will learn about reflecting enemy fire and it’s quite simple to pull off and is a useful way to defeat your foes rather quickly. 

Simply time your actions and you will send the enemy laser fire straight back at them and obliterating your foe in one single hit. For PS4 users the button for this is R1 and in order to get the trophy achievement you will need to reflect around 50 laser attacks back. This is easily done and can if your really eager to pull it off simply go to a nearby Meditation spot that also has enemies that carry Guns nearby and choose to rest at this Meditation spot in order to respawn the enemies. Do this over and over until the trophy / achievement pops!

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