(SOR4) Streets Of Rage 4 : Birth Of The Cool (Catch A Weapon In The Air) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Streets of Rage 4 (SOR4) has many different trophies and achievements that you can unlock, one of which is Birth of the Cool. Birth of the Cool is a trophy achievement that requires you to catch a weapon in the air.

If you manage to unlock this you will obtain a Bronze trophy and/or 15 Achievement Points.

SOURCE: Thomas’ Trophy Tutorials

The earliest stage that you can unlock this one on is Stage 1 – The Streets. As you continue on with the stage you should eventually come across several different weapons, one of which may end being a small crowbar or pipe

Once you reach a weapon, you will need to pick it up and then throw it (Forward & Circle), your character will then proceed to throw the weapon as expected. Now this is where the fun part begins, once the weapon either bounces off the wall and/or enemy you will then want to try and catch this said same weapon by pressing circle whilst the weapon is in midair. 

Once you have managed to successfully catch it, the trophy achievement should then pop!

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