(SOR4) Streets Of Rage 4 : Walk On Foot (Destroy All Motorcycles) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Streets of Rage 4 (SOR4) has many different trophies and achievements that you can unlock, one of which is Walk on Foot. Walk on Foot is a trophy achievement that requires you to destroy all motorcycles.

If you manage to unlock this you will obtain a Bronze trophy and/or 15 Achievement Points

SOURCE: Thomas’ Trophy Tutorials

You can unlock this one during Stage 5 – Underground, on this stage continue as you normally would.
However once you reach the end of the stage and meet up with a man named Barbon, this is where you will be able to unlock the trophy achievement.

Whilst in the yard Barbon will appear and it’s at this point you should also see quite a collection of different bikes.
Ignore Barbon for now as you have more pressing matters to attend to, instead turn your attention to those lovely bikes and start smacking them one with several assortment of kicks and punches.

When you have successfully destroyed every last bike, the trophy achievement should then pop!

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