(SOR4) Streets Of Rage 4 : Family Reunion (Golden Chicken) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Streets of Rage 4 (SOR4) has many different trophies and achievements that you can unlock, one of which is Family ReunionFamily Reunion is a trophy achievement that requires you to get the Golden Chicken from the art gallery to the stock room

If you manage to unlock this you will obtain a Silver trophy and/or 30 Achievement points.

SOURCE: Stone Edge Gaming

The Art Gallery will be the 8th stage within the game, the Golden Chicken will be easily identifiable and will appear quite early in the actual stage.

You will probably need to clear the room of any enemies first before we can progress with this one. 
However, once all of the enemies have indeed been dealt with we can now progress and we can start by attacking the chicken until it hits the floor. If it is already on the floor, then you now just need to simply pick it up.

NOTE: The chicken can be easily destroyed so you need to be really careful here.

So the strategy for this one is to obviously NOT use it against an opponent, doing so will be risking the chance of breaking it.

Another point to remember is to try not to navigate too far from the chicken so that you risk seeing it go off screen, you cannot backtrack and thus if it does go off screen then you will have to replay the mission again.

You can however, throw the chicken into a wall and drop it on the floor so take advantage of this if you do need to let it go. There will be more enemies as you continue the mission, so you will obviously need to let go off the Chicken from time to time.

In order to be able to drop the Chicken you will need to press the throw button without pressing any directional buttons. 

There should be around 11 different fight encounters that you will come across, thus all you will want to do is keep dropping or throwing the chicken and carefully continue the game.
Remember not to stray too far from the Chicken and do not throw it too far that it goes off screen. 

Once you reach the end room just before the boss, the trophy achievement should then pop. Providing you of course still have the chicken in hand.

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