(SOR4) Streets Of Rage 4 : It’s Chilly In Here (Elevator Panes) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Streets of Rage 4 (SOR4) has many different trophies and achievements that you can unlock, one of which is It’s Chilly in here. It’s Chilly in here is a trophy achievement that requires you to break both elevator window panes.

If you manage to unlock this you will obtain a Bronze trophy and/or 15 Achievement Points

SOURCE: Stone Edge Gaming

This trophy achievement can be unlocked once you reach Stage 9 – Y Tower. The first elevator that you will come across will actually be on the very next screen from having started the mission.

You will also see several enemies here wearing glasses and suits too. Now it may become a bit tricky to get these window panes to smash and break, simply because you cannot exactly attack it yourself and it is somehow bullet proof too.

Thus the only way you can actually smash the panes is to either stand really close to the panes or grab and throw an enemy into it.

The easiest character to be able to actually perform the trophy achievement with is probably Axel, considering he has the ability to grab his foes and throw them into the panes.

As said before you cannot attack the panes yourself through either fists, kicks or even super moves. You need to either stand by the pane and hope to get shot (which is the more suicidal method of doing it) or grab and throw an enemy (which is the more easier method). It may take a few attempts but your persistence should eventually pay off.

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