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Though the Jedi Temple puzzle is rather short and sweet it can still perhaps cause a few headaches, you are stuck in an abandoned Temple in the freezing cold and harsh environments, it is also almost impossible to see where you are going too which doesn’t help.

However, there is one location that you do need to seek out and that is the Jedi Temple and below is a guide on how to complete its rather simple puzzle.

Now in order to actually gain entry to the place you must brave the storm and seek out a wall that you can climb, you will know that you are in the correct area when Cal starts talking about Jedi.

Now climb this wall, not quite to the very top though if you did climb to the top you can collect a few more Scan Points if you want to. However, for the purpose of this guide you will want to climb this wall and try to stick to the left of it as much as possible and eventually you will see a small platform you can fall onto, you should now be at the point of the map shown in the picture below. 

This area is the main starting point to the Temple puzzle section and it is also the main entrance to the actual Temple itself. However, in order to gain entry you will need to Pull the cable from the thing in the wall, (this should be quite a familiar scene considering you should of completed the Tomb of Miktrull by now), upon attaching this cable to the object shown in the below picture a new door should open revealing some light and thankfully for Cal some extra warmth too. This also means that the actual entrance to the Temple is now open.

Okay now we should be at the final part of the Jedi Temple puzzle section, I told you it would be short and sweet. The next step you need to take in order to progress the story is to move the moving platform that is stuck on the sides of the wall, (you can actually Pull and Push this object and attach the cables to it too). 

The cable you want to attach to this moving object is the cable that reveals the heat/sun light. Once the cable here is attached you then need to grab the cable from the Crystal and move to where the heat can melt through this Crystal and thus melt through the iced doorway nearby.

Now we can go through the newly melted doorway and reach a familiar location, this actually leads back to the actual entrance to the Temple. 
Now for the final step. Just like before you are going to have to use the Crystal and melt yet another doorway. In order to do this you will need to simply connect the Crystal cable to the moving object and Push this object until you cannot push it any more, meaning it needs to be on the wall with the sun/heat doorway. 
Then traverse through the newly opened doorway and swing across to the other side until you reach another sun/heat door you can attach to something else, just like the other one not long ago.

Now instead of attaching this cable to anything as there is nothing here for it to attach to, you simply just need to open the heated doorway and use it to burn through the Crystal once again and unlocking the final doorway. 

​This will now solve the Jedi Temple puzzle section. 

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