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The Tomb of Miktrull is the second Tomb in which you will come across within the game, though personally we do not think it is as bad as the Tomb of Eilram in regards to puzzle solving, it can perhaps still cause some minor headaches.

Thus, here we are ready and rearing to help out so let us begin shall we?

The story will lead you to the Tomb which is part of Zeffo and for most of the start you just need to swing and climb your way through toward the Tomb, which should be no real big issue by now.
Listen to Trilla’s taunts as you continue if you want to, it can be quite interesting the different conversations she has with our hero.

Anyway once you enter the actual Tomb you will discover that your first Guardian is really close by now, you should be accustomed to these big guys by now considering you did just meet them back in Eilram.

Now even here at the start of the Tomb, it should be rather clear as to where to go next. There are several breakable walls you can go through. 

Hopefully one of which will lead to a small set of vines that need to be removed and is blocking the way forward. (You can also use BD-1’s scan ability to unlock the MAGNETS databank in here too)

As well as the vines also in here there will be a pedestal that you can interact with, keep a note of these are there will be more to find and use later. 
For now activate this one you see here, this will lift out the little orange/yellow balls (these are called Votive Candles and also, keep that in mind as just like with the pedestal these will also come back later too)

Now with the Votive Candles once you have activated the Pedestal they will burn the vines and make the path clear to advance

Now at the top of the small flight of steps should be a nice and handy little Meditation spot, use it if you want to then press on. Climb the grass on the nearby wall, these are climbable so do not worry.

At the top there will be a wall you can break beyond it there will be quite a few enemies to dispatch of. Also, remember these areas you encounter as we will be coming back here again later.

Now you will see your next Pedestal, I told you these would make a return. Now what you want to do here is activate the Pedestal TWICE. Once to drop a large crate on to the floor and a second time to remove the air pressure that is disturbing this crate box. It’s not exactly a box or a crate but basically a platform in which we will need to use.

Now once you have done this, simply push the platform the only way it will go which is toward the wall, you should now be able to climb this platform and head into the next section.

Here you will encounter yet another Guardian, though it will not actually attack you unless you provoke it. If you continue along to the very end of the path, you will see some more Troopers you can easily dispose of this guy by pushing him off the cliff, bye!

There will also be some more vines but sadly we do not have any candles to burn it. Continue down the steps and jump over the broken flooring and you will eventually come across a wall you can run along. Do so.

The next section is really straightforward and involves swinging and more climbing, you shouldn’t really get stuck here. 

Eventually you will reach a big open area with more Troops to kill or ignore. This next part can be tricky in a way, it depends for me I solved the barely noticeable puzzle with no real issues.

There is also yet another Pedestal here too, you want to activate that and what it does is rotate the large object in the middle and move platforms that block your way back and forth. With that in mind, progress onward remembering to activate any Pedestals that you come across.

You should eventually reach a platform where you will encounter an enemy ship, this ship will drop off some enemies for you to play with and one of which will be one of those strong Purge Troopers, oh boy..

I simply got fed up of playing with him and sent him off the platform and into the abyss. The next part could pose a bit of a headache and its the only real tricky part to this entire Tomb in my opinion. 

You should now be at the area in the pictures below.. If not, then its really close by so get your buttock there so we can continue..

Now what you want to do here is, activate the nearby Pedestal and see that the platforms move close and away from the middle object? you will of noticed this by now as otherwise you wouldn’t of been able to get to this very spot by now.

So, anyway keeping this in mind you should no doubt be aware that you have a certain ability and this ability being Slow. Are you with me so far? I hope so, thus using the Pedestal and Slow ability you can use these moving platforms to make a bridge to the next section. Piece of cake!

Now lets continue..Climb and wall run the next few areas, it is quite a linear path which means getting lost shouldn’t really be a possibility..

Eventually you will reach more vines and yet another Pedestal.

Here you will want to use this Pedestal to activate the Candles and use the ability to Push upon doing so, the Candles should be thrown into the vines and granting you passage to familiar territory.

Break through the wall here and jump from the chandelier and onto the next platform, give the Purge Trooper my love and then slide down the nearby path and you will be greeted by more Storm Troopers, how nice..

There is only one path for you to go here so again getting lost shouldn’t be an issue. So continue climbing, jumping, sleeping, eating, drinking, dancing oh you know what I mean, right? The path is very straightforward and real linear too, so I’ll meet you on the other side, toodles and have fun!

Are we back?.. Well by now you should of learnt the Pull ability, good job you! You should also be at the pictures shown below too, we will continue from there..

As you can also see from the pictures this time above, you will need to use your newly acquired Pull ability to pull open the gate and attach it to the object which is also in the picture too. 

This will allow you to advance on, also keep this in mind as you continue as there will be more gates like this to open too. The next sections are again simple and linear, so I’ll meet you again a bit later I need to polish my nails.

Okay now you need to traverse into the place in the below picture, it is where you encountered a giant ”crate box” from before.

Ah this lovely room again, we are actually really close to the end of the Tomb now. Now near the ”crate box” is another chain you can Pull and attach just like before, do so..

​Our next step is to jump onto the platform opposite using the grassed wall to climb up. Now there are plenty of Candles here and your job is to throw one of them into the Vines that you should be also to now see. Trust me this is what is meant to happen, it took me several attempts I’m unsure if it was due to the fact I kept missing or the fact that the water kept dissolving the flames but this IS how to complete the next section, trust me. 

Upon successfully throwing a Candle and destroying the vines, the huge contraption above will fall on to the floor below revealing an giant ball, now jump on to the floor and push this ball just like with the Tomb of Eilram into the socket on the floor to complete the Tomb. 

UPDATED COMMENT: (Thanks to: Daniel) You can actually reactivate the first magnet that pulled out the block. Then thow one of the candles into the magnetic field, jump to the other side and collect the candle from the field. From that side there is no water, so it is much easier to burn the vines. Hope this helps.

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