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The first real Tomb and first set of proper puzzles to solve will all be in Tomb of Eilram, which is a place you can encounter during your trip to Zeffo.

There are several puzzles within the place and some of which can be tricky to figure out. However, we have you covered!

Now the place is quite large and please keep in mind we will only be guiding you through the puzzle sections and not the entire place. Though, the rest of the place is rather simple to traverse through anyway.

Okay the first step is entering the place, which isn’t exactly a puzzle as such but it may cause a few people some minor confusion. When you reach the entrance you will see some flying debris that you need to pass through, in order to do this you will need to use the Slow ability (R1 on PS4) this will cause the flying debris to calm down and allow for safe passage. 
You will now be on an elevator and thus simply stand on the only button here to activate it, now for the real meat of the Tomb. 

The next area is simple and has no puzzles to solve. However, soon you will reach a room with a chandelier looking thing on the ceiling, this is the next proper puzzle to solve!

It is also a rather simple one too, climb up the wall to reach the top platform and here will be a device that you can use to turn on the air pressure (wind). Keep a note of this device as you will come across more and will need to use them again too. 

In order to progress this part, simply activate this device and the air will start pushing the chandelier about. However, it is still very much out of distance to actually be of any real use.
Thus, activate the pressure/wind device once again and this time it will swing much closer and enough for you to use to jump across to the other side

You should now be in a room with a giant ball and a Guardian enemy, the Guardians can be tricky to defeat but they are mainly really slow so take advantage of this. 

Now to solve this next puzzle we need to move this giant ball onto the platform opposite the next air pressure/wind device. Up on doing so, several platforms will pop up and allowing you to advance on. Since we don’t have a certain ability just yet, be sure to use the air pressure/wind device in order to move the ball around. 

After climbing up the newly formed platforms and sliding down the icy platform. You will encounter the next puzzle which involves the wind/air pressure once again and a platform. 

In order to pass this section (sadly due to editing purposes, I wasn’t able to add this next section to the above video). However, in order to advance on, it isn’t really that difficult. 
You simply need to take advantage of the wind/air pressure and use it to land onto the next platform, so basically stand as far right as you can and then jump and allow the air to push you onto the next platform. 

Keep taking advantage of the air pressure and continue onward, watch out for the enemies that will appear. Though, it is quite funny to see them getting blown away. 

Soon, you will reach an area where you will encounter another Guardian and yet another section of wind/air pressure to play about with. 

In order to progress this part take advantage of the wind/air pressure and allow it to push you up onto the platform above, here you will see another wind/air pressure device that you will need to activate. Up on doing so, you can then use the pressure from below and the pressure on the platform you are probably still currently standing on, to hopefully guide you on the small ledge in front of you. 

You will now learn the ability Push, this is great as now you can push certain objects and walls around and have fun! However, we are still not yet done with the Tomb.

You should now be back in the room where you encountered your first Guardian enemy. You now need to move the ball (Push) from its original position, to the position under the platform to the left. This will unlock a door to another much smaller room that will lead to a section of wall that you can climb. Do so, and at the top you will find giant ball number 2 and using your newly acquired ability you now need to push this ball off the platform so it joins the other one. 

Now we have two giant balls to play with, that sounded wrong didn’t it? Oh well let us continue, now that we have two of them, what is next? Well let us get giant ball number 3, after all 3 is a crowd and we like crowds, right? meh perhaps not but still we need it. 

In order to get ball 3 we need to travel back, not too far back though thankfully. Do you remember the chandelier thing on the ceiling that you used to swing from? We need that in order to complete this next part, so head back there.

Once there climb back to the wind/air pressure device and then using the Push ability move the chandelier and smash it into the wall in front, this will break the wall and allow the next giant ball to fall from the chandelier and into the room joining the others. We are having a giant ball party now! Someone get the balloons!

So we have three of them now and no idea what to do with them, hmm.. well actually I do and it’s really not that difficult. However, if you cannot work it out then allow me to continue..

Though, we have three balls to play with :p we only need the two for this next part, you can leave the one under the platform that opened the door to the smaller room alone, that one is not necessary, at least for now it isn’t. 

Whilst the other two are necessary in order to advance and what we need to do with them, is to somehow get them onto the platform above and to the right. How are we going to do that you may ask? well its simple really.

Try to move both of these balls into the section behind the ball that I recently told you not to move, as behind here is a wind/air pressure section, despite their being no devices it certainly is there. 
Thus, the air pressure/wind behind here will push the balls onto the platform exactly where we need them to be!

Now with them both on there, your next job is to join them but not necessarily using the same path, climb onto the platform that they are currently resting on.

Whilst on here, move one of these balls onto the platform that you can see here and this will move the section below this platform and in doing so, this will allow the other ball to be rolled and jump onto the other platform that has yet to be used. 

So push this other ball down the slope to the right and watch it roll and fly. Still, we need this one to stay on top of other platform and due to the force of being pushed about, it unfortunately won’t do as its told. That is where you come in. 

Get up there onto that platform, manoeuvring the other ball so that the platforms from before move upward and allowing you access to this platform, of course just like before. 

Once on this platform wait for the ball to roll, which it will do. It will be on an endless loop until you knock it. Thus, wait for it and using your abilities stop the ball on this same platform, so that you can move it into the section up here. 

The rest of the Tomb should now be a cakewalk to get through. Simply climb the newly formed platform and reach the next giant ball, push it and you will then of finished the Tomb. 

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