(SOFDR) Star Ocean First Departure R : Labyrinth Of Champions (Door Puzzle Solution) Guide

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Whilst you continue your adventures through the world of Star Ocean First Departure R, you will encounter the Labyrinth of Champions and more specifically a door puzzle to solve!

There are seven doors that can potentially be opened but we need the doors that lead to switches and hopefully by the end of it, have the door on the ground by the entrance open up and reveal a new path that leads into the basement and the all important story progression!

Okay where to start? Well I’m just going to be brief here as no doubt you will be eager to press on and thus here are the doors you will want to open and in what order too, keep in mind that these doors are numbered from far left to right

You will also need to activate the switches you find after opening the doors too, otherwise it will all be a rather pointless endeavour. 

Door 1 
Door 3
Door 5
Door 6

If you did this correctly the basement door should now open and you can progress the story!

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