(SOFDR) Star Ocean First Departure R : What Goes Around Comes Around (Help Foster) MT Eckdart Guide

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Star Ocean First Departure R has many different trophies and achievements that you can unlock, one of which is What Goes Around Comes Around this requires you to help out Foster at Mt. Eckdart.

Whilst what Foster asks of you is actually quite simple there is a small requirement however in order to trigger this, and that is the fact that IOSHUA needs to be part of your team since they know each other. Ioshua is actually missable so you need to watch out and hope that you have yet to miss him.

Getting Ioshua requires that you went to the Purgatorium, a guide on how to actually recruit him can be found here: How to recruit Ioshua

Okay hopefully you have Ioshua in your team and if so then you are ready to proceed. Eventually the story will take you to Mt Eckdart and its near the Eckdart town that you will find this place, its not exactly marked on the map and requires you to hug the mountains in order to find the actual place.

Run inside the mountain here to find a rather linear path that eventually leads to a small hut that Foster lives in, talking to him you will discover that he knows Ioshua and that he hasn’t been able to leave the place since there are monsters around, accept to help him defeat these monsters. 
Warning some of these monsters have the ability to turn your team to stone and if everyone in your team is turned then it will be Game Over.

Okay finish talking to him and lets move on, there will be a Save Point behind his hut and I advise you to use it as often as possible just in case you are indeed turned to stone, you don’t want to have to redo everything again would you?

Now your task is to clear out this area and defeat the fixed monster battles, this place is actually quite a nice area to gain levels and obtain some new gear for your team. So overall it is worth doing. 
There is no real place to start as every monster will need to be defeated in order to progress and complete the quest, the game will also tell you of when you have successfully defeated all of the monsters too. You can either start by heading West from the Save Point, East or North, search all of the areas and defeat everything you see in order to pass the quest and obtain the trophy achievement.

Here is a list of available treasure you will get from this area too..

Fine Shield,
Rod of Jewels, (Ioshua Weapon)
Robe of Deception, (Ioshua Armor)
Elven Cap, (Ioshua Helmet)
Elven Bow (Grand Prize for completing the quest!)

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