(SOFDR) Star Ocean First Departure R : How To Recruit Ioshua (A Gift From The Heavens) Guide

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In Star Ocean First Departure R there are many different characters that you may or may not come across, a lot of which are missable and have certain requirements.
These requirements can range from needing to complete certain duels and/or have certain characters in your party, thus this is one is obviously missable.

However, here is a quick guide on how to recruit IOSHUA who is actually quite a useful character since he has the ability to heal your party! 

In order to recruit IOSHUA you will need to keep playing the game as normal until you are asked about the Purgatorium, for this you need to accept and head there otherwise you will miss out on getting IOSHUA.
You can find the Purgatorium in the North East part of the map, you will have to travel through a linear hole in the mountains in order to reach it. 

Once you get through the small linear cave you should see Purgatorium straight way, it is the only real noticeable place here. Now we need to enter the Purgatorium.

In the main room if you head through the door on the LEFT you can get a ?HERB but what you really need to do here is head through the North East door, then through the first door on the LEFT, this will lead to a switch you can pull, do so.

Return back to the main room and this time head through the door on the North West to obtain 50 Skill Points and now you can leave the Purgatorium.

Your next task is to find a secret entrance and IOSHUA himself, this entrance is actually hidden and thus not on the actual map, hence secret ha!
What you will need to do is head to the far bottom of this area and stick to the cliff side, hopefully you will suddenly teleport onto the next screen.

Here you will meet IOSHUA who is a member of the Featherfolk, you can now continue venturing through the other side of the Purgatorium and eventually recruit IOSHUA.

Remember in order to successfully recruit him and obtain the trophy achievement, you will NEED to make sure he DOES NOT leave your party after completely finishing up with the Purgatorium. However, doing this will also mean that certain other characters are non-recruitable. 

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