(SOFDR) Star Ocean First Departure R : How To Recruit Cyuss (The Prodigal Brother) Guide

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In Star Ocean First Departure R there are many different characters that you may or may not come across, a lot of which are missable and have certain requirements.
These requirements can range from needing to complete certain duels and/or have certain characters in your party, thus this is one is obviously missable.

However, here is a quick guide on how to recruit Cyuss the Swordsman. 

Video Timestamp: 1:30:56

You will first encounter Cyuss during your first trip to Haute, here you will see Cyuss arguing with a merchant. In order to recruit him however, you will need to follow him into the Skill Shop and then speak to Badam. Accept Badam’s quest to Mt Metorx and Cyuss will end up joining you.

Once you return from Mt Metorx you will then have the option to keep Cyuss in your party, in order to recruit him and get the Prodigal Brother trophy achievement you will NEED to keep him in your party and NOT let him leave. However, doing this will also mean that certain other characters are non-recruitable. 

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