(SOFDR) Star Ocean First Departure R : Bonus Pre-Order PS4 Theme (Digitally Stunning) Preview

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As many of you already know, Game Developers and Publishers like to dish out various different PS4 themes as pre-order incentives and most of which come from ordering digitally, well Square Enix/ CriWare are no different with Star Ocean First Departure R. 

Originally released back on the Super Famicom in 1996, Star Ocean has had many remasters and remakes ever since including Star Ocean First Departure R which was released on PS4 and Switch back on December 5th 2019

Star Ocean features a team of young friends who eventually find themselves in the future in hopes of saving their lost world of the past, though that may sound rather complicated it actually isn’t. 
Star Ocean is hugely popular amongst RPG fans and the series has managed to span over 7 games in total. 

Anyway below is a brief video on what the pre-ordered PS4 theme actually looks like and to be honest it isn’t that bad. The music can be rather repetitive however and perhaps this is the only flaw with the actual theme, there are much better ones to choose from in our opinion.
However, the rest of it is actually quite nice featuring recognisable sound effects and fan favourite characters on the bottom right that does actually change over time.

The theme was available as a digital pre-order for the PS4. 

Star Ocean First Departure R is out now on PS4 and Nintendo Switch!

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