Tales Of Arise – Hard Liquor (Sub-Quest / Side Quest) Guide

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One of the optional activities that players can find and complete are the side quests (or in this case sub-quests), these are usually scattered all throughout the game. They are also marked with a ‘letter symbol’ above the NPC.

Sub-quests become available as soon as you arrive to the town of Ulzebek

For completing 70 sub-quests you will be rewarded with the Rebellious Spark and Problem Solver trophy achievement

For the purpose of this specific page we will be focusing on the sub-quest Hard Liquor, which involves finding ingredients to make alcohol

  • QUEST NAME: Hard Liquor
  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Pursuing Zephyr
  • LOCATION: Messia 224
  • QUEST GIVER: Woodcutter Man
  • REWARDS: Lohikeitto Recipe, 700 Gald, 135 SP
  • GUIDE:
  • You can complete this quest whilst you are on the Pursuing Zephyr main story quest, simply head to the village of Messia 224.
  • Whilst in Messia 224, simply head up the hill in order to find the client, Woodcutter Man
  • The Woodcutter Man will ask you for some cillagin, which is basically alcohol. We obviously won’t have any and so, we will now need to find the correct ingredients to make it instead.
  • We will now need to find x4 Earth Seed
  • Unfortunately the Earth Seed is regarded as a rare drop, so you may need to farm a bit for it.
  • Anyway in order to find it you can begin by heading to Ulvhan Grotto
  • From there simply find the Roper enemies, they are the ones that drop the necessary Earth Seed.
  • Though, as said the ingredients is considered rare so you may need to exit and re-enter the area in order to get the Roper to respawn. The Roper is also able to drop the Strange Core
  • When you have the necessary ingredients report back to the client to end the quest.


A man in Messia 224 has asked for an ingredient to make alcohol to stave off the cold as he works. Gather some Earth Seed from zeugles and offer it to the man


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