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One of the many different trophies and achievements that you can unlock within Tales of Arise is Globetrotting Foodie, which requires you to find and collect 30 different cooking recipes. This does not include the DLC related recipes.

Finding and cooking recipes is very useful in the fact that, if you cook one of these recipes then you will be rewarded with certain bonuses. This includes improved strength, CP, and more…

In order to cook these recipes you will need to travel to a campfire, then here you can rest and cook various different recipes.

This specific page will be dedicated to the location of the Vegetable Soup recipe

  • COOKING RECIPE: Vegetable Soup
  • INGREDIENTS: x2 Tomato, x1 Potato
  • BEST COOK: Alphen
  • COOKING EFFECT: Rare Ore Rate Up S, Cooking Effect +15%
  • LOCATION: White Silver Plains
  • DESCRIPTION: Soup containing a large heaping of vegetables boiled until becoming soft. It has a gentle flavor and warms the body and spirit alike.
  • GUIDE:
  • This specific recipe will be given to you automatically as you continue through the game.
  • It will be a reward for finding the campfire and learning about the crafting mechanic.
  • It can obtained from the White Silver Plains


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