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The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope has arrived and so too has a bunch of new trophies and achievements that you can unlock. One such trophy achievement is A Complete Picture

A Complete Picture requires the player to of collected all of the pictures, doing this will also net you two more trophies and achievements such as; Glimmer Of Hope and Deathly Visions

There are a total of 13 pictures that can be found

  • #1
  • PICTURE: Deadly Omen (White Framed)
  • REQUIREMENT: Open A Gate For Angela And Daniel
  • CHAPTER: No Escape
  • As soon as the scene starts and you are required to stick close to Daniel, ignore that for now and instead turn and head left through the gate
  • Continue to follow the path until you arrive to a vehicle, if you look at the back of this said vehicle you should be able to spot your first picture!
  • #2
  • PICTURE: Familiars (Black Frame)
  • REQUIREMENT: Continue Toward Town
  • CHAPTER: Playing Tricks
  • At the Black Cat Bar you will be tasked with keeping up with John and the others, ignore that for now
  • Instead take the path next to the one that everyone else takes in order to find a wooden bench, the picture can be found here!
  • #3
  • PICTURE: Human Sacrifice (Black Framed)
  • REQUIREMENT: Find Help In Town
  • CHAPTER: Confrontation
  • Here continue to follow the road, heading even further towards the nearby vehicle
  • As you get closer you will notice that there is a building here too alongside the vehicle
  • The next picture can be found next to the door to the building.
  • #4
  • PICTURE: Mercy (White Framed)
  • REQUIREMENT: Stay Close Together. Find Help In The Town.
  • CHAPTER: Offtrack
  • At the Little Hope Police Department you will be tasked with having to stay close together and finding help in the town, of course we should ignore that for now.
  • Instead if you continue to follow the walls of the Police building you should come across several blue/green and white canisters. The next picture is on top of this
  • #5
  • PICTURE: Like A Stone (Black Framed)
  • REQUIREMENT: Find another route out of Little Hope
  • CHAPTER: Another Way
  • During this chapter we will find ourselves at the abandoned Park. Heading out the park and bypassing a small street light you will come to a fork in the path
  • At this said fork keep to the left and continue along this path
  • As you continue along the path keep an eye on the right side for a bench, sitting on this bench will be the next picture!
  • #6
  • PICTURE: Ritual Blade (White Framed)
  • REQUIREMENT: Find a way through the store. Open the door for Taylor
  • CHAPTER: Another Way
  • After the team decide to search a way through the store and after climbing up the stairs
  • Head out of the room and into the rather long corridor
  • Head to the end of this said corridor and enter the room on the right (BEFORE the hole in the floor)
  • Inside this room you can find what you are looking for on the shelving here
  • #7
  • PICTURE: Shackled (White Framed)
  • REQUIREMENT: Lead your students towards town
  • CHAPTER: The Crossing
  • You will now be on the Main Road. 1 May 28. As soon as you gain control of the character turn and head left
  • Following this new path and heading off the main road for now, keep an eye on the right side for a building with a small bench against the wall. The next picture can be found here!
  • #8
  • PICTURE: Dark Magic (Black Framed)
  • REQUIREMENT: Find Taylor
  • CHAPTER: Troubled History
  • For this one you will be required to find Taylor.
  • However, for the purpose of this guide you will want to simply head into the next room
  • The next picture is practically right in front of you on the table
  • #9
  • PICTURE: Voodoo Doll (White Framed)
  • REQUIREMENT: Find your classmates
  • CHAPTER: Pursued
  • For this one you will be tasked with having to find your classmates, obviously ignore this for now
  • Keep to the left side of the road and slightly veer off track, you should see some rocks
  • In this area will also be a bench, guess what is sat on this said bench! Yes, the next picture!
  • #10
  • PICTURE: Exorcism (White Framed)
  • REQUIREMENT: Find another way out
  • CHAPTER: Surrounded
  • Here you will be tasked with having to find another way out, you will also be inside a chapel of sorts
  • As soon as the scene ends turn back around and head through the door towards the double doors
  • Inside this lobby area and to the left of the chapel hall will be what you are looking for sitting on a small table
  • #11
  • PICTURE: Demon At The Door (White Framed)
  • CHAPTER: Reflections
  • This one can be found whilst both Andrew and Angela are talking about saving their doubles from execution
  • As you climb up the small dirt track you will approach a sign. Behind this said sign will be bench with the next picture on top of it
  • #12
  • PICTURE: Pressed Into Silence (Black Framed)
  • REQUIREMENT: Investigate the large building
  • CHAPTER: Ruined
  • This one can be found when you are tasked with having to investigate the large building
  • Here look for a green door with a light above it, one of your friends can also be seen standing here (if everyone is still alive, that is)
  • Sitting next to the green door is the next picture!
  • #13
  • PICTURE: Rope (Gold Framed)
  • CHAPTER: Full Circle
  • After being chased into a building and Andrew yelling everyone that we have to go
  • You can find this final picture and the only picture with a Gold Frame, in this very room. It sits on a small table by the doorway


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