Watch Dogs – Legion : How To Recruit Video Game Designer (Meta-Gaming) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Watch Dogs – Legion has arrived and with it comes more trophies and achievements that you can unlock, one of which is Meta-Gaming.

Meta-Gaming requires the player to recruit a video game designer. One such video game designer goes by the name of Carolina Da Silva who comes with their own personal motorcycle, Fast Hacking and On Probation (Longer Arrest Time)

Okay let us begin!

  • Okay in order to begin with this one, you will need to travel to Southwark and Tate Modern
  • Here you can find Carolina by the hologram
  • Here you will see Carolina being harassed by Alton Marshall (Albion Contractor) who wishes to take her away
  • Eventually Alton Marshall will arrest Carolina, take him out as he needs to be taught a lesson!
  • Then rescue Carolina by removing her handcuffs
  • The Recruitment Mission has now started!
  • Take advantage of any nearby vehicles as we now need to escape the armed forces who now seek to take us down. Do your best to loose them
  • You now need to go and find Carolina in order to speak with her. You can find her in Lambeth
  • After speaking with her you will notice that she has an issue that she wants you to take care of. Our next destination is Southwark (it should be marked on your map)
  • Now the Hospital will unfortunately be guarded and thus going in through the front wont exactly be an option
  • Thus, keep following the path and you should notice an orange pipe that you can climb up. Do so.
  • Then STOP! as once you reach the top there will be a security camera that will need to be hijacked
  • Then climb up and over the wall on the right
  • Enter the doorway under the security camera, it will lead to a set of stairs. Follow these stairs down
  • You should now be in an area with graffiti all over the walls, there should also be a ramp leading up too. Follow this ramp up!
  • Bagley should now tell you that you have managed to find the ct0S hub
  • Unfortunately this area also has several guards and chances are you will get caught
  • Don’t worry too much about getting caught here, just take out the guards so we can move on
  • Once they have been dealt with go ahead and hack the box on the wall, a second guard may join you.
  • This box that you need to interactive with should actually be the ct0S hub (Guy’s Hospital)
  • You will now be tasked with having to take down the Hospital Driver, don’t worry though as they will spawn at this very Hospital and will be marked on your map (Rosetta Taylor – Paramedic)
  • After taking out Rosetta Taylor go ahead and download the required data from her
  • Our next port of call is Lambeth – The London Lens in order to rescue a friend (Should be marked on your map)
  • As you approach your target you will need to watch out as this area will be heavily guarded with security cameras and guards.
  • For this part it may be best to use a Hacker Spiderbot and use them to pass through the red barrier
  • As you control the Spiderbot turn your attention to the pillars in order to find a device that you can disarm, doing so will get rid of the red barrier and allow you safe passage
  • The friend that you need to rescue can be found beyond the red barrier. However, be ready for some heavy fire as the guards will now more than likely be on alert
  • Your task now is to escort the friend out of the area safely and of course loose any guards that may be on your tail


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