Tell Me Why – Barn Loft (Puzzle Solution – Chapter 3) Guide

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The final episode of the emotional rollercoaster that is Tell Me Why has arrived, and so too has another puzzle for players to solve.

This specific one will be located in the Barn Loft and will require you to open a locked chest, the question is how can we do this exactly?

Lets begin!

In the barn there will be several walls that have locked compartments, all of which contain rather valuable clues to the story and to the puzzle itself.

First off start by examining the wall with the Mad Hunter on it, then go into your book where you can read more about this Hunter. Notice how the image on the wall and the image in the book look very similar?

However, on closer inspection there is something slightly different and if you work this out then the first secret compartment will then open. Basically for this first part you are going to be playing a game of ‘Spot The Difference’

If you are still struggling then here is what you need to select on the wall.

  1. The picture title (In the book the title talks about the Goblins tricking the Mad Hunter, whereas on the wall it reads about a hopeless Princess)
  2. The castle in the background. (It wasn’t even in the book at all)
  3. The goblins have been replaced by trees and flowers
  4. The image on the wall shows that the Mad Hunter has arms and hands (In the book there was only the one hand)
  5. The Princess appears on the wall but in the book she isn’t there. She appears to be hiding from the Mad Hunter

After selecting the last one and if you managed to get it all correct then the secret compartment will then open, feel free to inspect and read the various notes inside it

The next wall that you need to solve will be next to the last one and it seems a bit more trickier too, as it has moveable sliding panels and you need to move these panels on to the correct pictures.

However, if you looked through the last compartment that you opened through solving the last wall puzzle then this one should not be too bad. All of the answers are in that compartment.

The first slider should be moved left and onto the bird (in the secret compartment there was a picture, a drawing of a bird which should represent this)

The second slider should also be moved left but this time to the image showing the Princess dancing. (The compartment showed the Princess or the mum being a dancer, she even had medals)

The last two sliders may prove to be a bit more trickier as the pictures or images are all the same, and show the Princess running away. The pictures inside of the grave stones or doors are however slightly different. Regardless though the second to last slider needs to be moved right and to the far right picture (as shown above)

For the very last one you should of come across a picture of a man in the secret compartment, it would seem that this Princess has a lover. Thus the last slider needs to be moved to the right and to the second to last picture

The next secret compartment should then open, feel free to rummage through the letters and such

The next wall that needs solving is directly opposite the last one. Here we will have several pictures that we can toggle but we need to connect them all in a certain order

The first correct picture that needs activating is the picture of the Castle (as seen above), connect the Castle to the flowers at the top.

The next picture that you should activate is the clock on the bottom right, this will then connect the plants or flowers to the clock. From the clock select the picture of the house on the right (next to Alyson)

Then lastly connect the house to the picture of the Princess and the Bear (the middle picture) This should then open the next secret compartment

Now we can concentrate on opening the actual chest. Now after unlocking all 3 secret compartments you should of noticed that they all have a strange letter (and colour) on the other side of the doors.

The chest should read out the name ‘Leo’


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