Tell Me Why – All Collectibles Locations (Chapter 3) Guide

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The third and final episode of the emotional adventure title ‘Tell Me Why’ has arrived and so too has the final set of collectibles.

Tell Me Why – Episode 3 unlike the previous episodes which featured a total of 5 different collectibles, this specific episode only features 3.

Despite there being less to find we still decided to compile a quick guide to hopefully help anyone who may still be struggling with this one.


Whilst at the house turn right and head through the kitchen into the Living Room.

Head to the chest of drawers next to the window and take one of the coins here

Once again bypass through the kitchen and this time go in the opposite direction and into the bedroom. Whilst in here head towards the window and turn left to a wardrobe.

Inside this wardrobe should be a small box that you can examine, do so. Then insert the coin you just picked up into this said box. Once you have inserted the coin into the box, the box will then open revealing the actual collectible


In the building shown above

Head to the nearby desk table and begin searching through the drawers.

The next collectible can be found inside the drawers here


In the Barn Loft with the chest and wall puzzles, begin and solve the first (Mad Hunter) puzzle wall in order to unlock the first secret compartment

Inside this secret compartment should be the final collectible


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