The Outer Worlds – How To Start Peril On Gorgon (DLC)

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The first downloadable (dlc) content has finally arrived to the world of ‘The Outer Worlds’

Entitled ‘Peril On Gorgon’ is the first of two expansions that are planned to be released for The Outer Worlds. After receiving a call and a severed arm, the player know finds themselves on a planet known as Gorgon

However, before we continue and perhaps accidentally let slip a spoiler here (don’t worry we haven’t done so and will not be doing so neither, rest assured) In fact lets just get on with this quick guide shall we?

So you have just purchased and installed the Peril On Gorgon dlc but you now have no clue as to how to exactly activate it. Well, not to worry it really is quite simple.

First off you will want to be on your trusty ship, The Unreliable. Then you will want to navigate to the Navigational Terminal

Then you will want to select the ‘Terra 2’ planet, then the ‘Byzantium Freight Port Landing Pad’

You will then get a call from Ada and Parcel Runner, they will mention a parcel that is addressed to you.

Now head into the Cargo room and you should find a box, inside it will be a severed arm. A sort of distress call from a person known as ‘Lucky Montoya’, who says that they have stumbled across something big but needs help on this find.

The planet ‘Gorgon’ should now appear on your Navigational Terminal, select it and you can then begin the dlc. It is probably recommended to be around level 25+ before attempting this as some of the foes can be quite tough otherwise.

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